Saturday, April 2, 2016

UFO Sightings Reported 3/30/16 Walope island Ontario CA

Red light emitting with slight glow hiding behind tree in neighbor's yard, then seen other low-flying lights fly off. Long Description of UFO Sighting Report:

The night was clear and cold with lots of stars out. It was about 11:20 p.m. and standing on the back porch, I seen a big red light hiding in the trees slightly moving but stationary.Then, we seen small white lights fly off together. I don't know if it was just the one red light that morphed into the little lights or what so I put "unknown" instead of "1" UFO viewed.

I was outside visiting the cats on the porch when, without looking up into the sky but glancing at the neighbor's house to the east, I seen a big red light, bigger than a basketball, looked like it was 3 and a half feet tall, in Neighbor back yard. It was right in with the tree height, not higher than the tree. This is Neighbor B's yard from a previous UFO sighting in December 2015. The light was round or oval-oval shaped and emitted a faint glow. I looked at it for a few seconds. It seemed to be hiding behind the tree but wanted to be seen as it was a big red light. I went in the house and told my sister really fast. When we went back outside quickly, the red light was gone. She came out and seen low flying small lights going east. I seen 2 low flying white lights going east that seemed to be flying in tandem. We both were looking in the western sky as they traveled away. We were standing outside, armed with not much, but armed, in case it wanted to land. I put myself in an enraged state to keep them away. I dislike them, don't want them pests to land here. Anyways, it flew off. MUFON CMS# 75560