Saturday, October 28, 2017

Smooth mirrored surface UFO sphere hovered approx 7 ft above lake surface Dedham Maine

UFO Sighting occurred over Dedham ME. 7/2001 Smooth mirrored surface sphere approximately 10 ft diameter hovered approx 7 ft above lake surface. Observed for approx 30 sec, looked away for approx 5 sec to get a friend's attention, looked back and couldn't locate the UFO again. I was very surprised to see it. I was not scared or nervous. I really wanted my friends to see it, but was gone when I looked back. UFO had a perfectly smooth mirror finish that reflected the environment. It was late in the day when sun low enough to cast a long reflection on the lake. I noticed the orb because the Sun's long reflection curved when it reflected off the UFO. Then I was able to see the full size of the UFO. I was the only person to see it in my group of people since it was gone when I looked back. The UFO remained still during The entire sighting. It was viewed from an elevated deck about 10-15 ft above the UFO and 75-100 ft away from it. The location of the sighting was viewed looking East at a narrow part of Phillips Lake, in Hancock County, near Dedham, Maine. mufon cms# 87640

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