Monday, October 16, 2017

Bright UFO light falls very fast almost to the ground then disappears 10-15-17 Texas

UFO Sighting report reads as follows:
It was about 8:00 pm on Sunday evening October 15, 2017. I was driving west towards San Antonio, Texas on interstate 10. It was starting to get dark and I noticed a light off to my left above the horizon. This light was very bright and at first I thought it might be a star or maybe an aircraft of some kind. What was weird about it was it seemed like 1 bright UFO light with 2 dimmer lights that merged into 1 bright light and then it seemed to fall towards the earth at a very fast speed, faster than I've ever seen anything travel in the sky. It was like it was free falling and then I would guess that about a couple of hundred feet above the ground it just completely vanished. I did not see it or anything else after that. After it disappeared I thought, wow, did I just see a UFO? It was actually pretty cool because since I was a young boy I have wanted to actually see a UFO. mufon cms# 87355

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