Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Everyday since October 13 2017 we have experienced Multiple UFO Sightings Florida

UFO Sightings have occurred over Jacksonville Florida report reads as follows: We observe them in the backyard the first UFO we noticed was off in the distance high in the sky it stays stationary UFO has red green and orange blinking lights then we noticed there was more UFOs around it like in formation last night 10/24/17 we observed six UFOs off on one side in formation then we looked all the way around us and noticed they were every where on all sides, I call these ones blinkiez, then there are the orange orb or star like UFOs we see that sit there blending in with the stars then they take off flying and just completely disappear before our eyes, some are orange and some are silver or a white light. There is a Navy Base NAS JAX nearby we are used to seeing military craft we have never seen anything like this and there are helicopters flying around with search lights and other military craft flying around the UFOs. These lights stay until about 7 a.m and I have even witnessed them descend and ascend from the sky. Our electricity seems to be effected by something and our phones seem to die very quickly and I have tried to take pictures or video with my phone but the blinking UFOs are too far to show up and the orb ones are too dim to show up as well. mufon cms# 87569

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