Monday, October 2, 2017

Rectangular UFO Sighting 9/19/17 was completely silent and became transparent CO.

UFO Sighting occurred on 9/19/17 over Highlands Ranch CO. I opened my 2nd story bedroom window last night about 11:pm to get some fresh air and look at the stars and noticed movement above me. It was an UFO flying at about the same altitude as a small plane and was clearly visible. I was drawn to the movement and although there were no lights, per se, there was a faint light emanating from it. Once in my line of sight I was able to see the shape of the UFO, and it was a fairly flat rectangle and appeared to have 3 long tubular shapes on the bottom which were the length of the UFO. It seemed to be somewhat transparent, as I could see the clouds above it through the craft. It was flying faster than a plane in a very smooth and unrestricted fashion unlike a plane which is kind of forcing its way through the atmosphere and is very loud. This UFO was completely smooth and made no sound at all. As it moved through the air it became more transparent until I could not see it anymore. The whole UFO sighting only lasted about 5 seconds. It was not a meteor. I have seen many of those and they enter the atmosphere quickly with a bright light and tail and burn up quickly but this was going across the sky in a horizontal fashion and did not appear to be on fire at all. NUFORC.ORG

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