Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Saw bright UFO orb split into two UFO orbs Salt River Canyon AZ 10/19/17

Driving back from Four corners in northern Arizona, we drove south towards Tucson, down through Salt River Canyon. It was about 8-8.30 at night on 10/19/17 when my fiancĂ© (driver) and his mother (passenger front) saw a bright light up ahead like a car driving down a mountain. Except there was no mountain ahead. It was a bright UFO orb, a little bit pulsating. It looked stationary, hovering. Then suddenly it split into two UFO orbs and just shot off. One straight up, the second at a 45 degree angle from the first. It traveled very fast and was gone in an instant. I was a passenger in the backseat of the car and heard the whole thing, but was unable to see it from the backseat. There was no other cars on the road right then and it was pitch dark outside with no reflections from any lights. We should have stopped and looked around, but we had kids in the car that protested loudly about seeing a possible UFO. There’s no doubt in wittiness’ mind that it was a UFO. It moved WAY to fast to be a plane, helicopter or anything else. It went from being one UFO orb, to two UFO orbs, to shooting off in less than 60 seconds...and once it shot off it was bang, gone in 2 seconds flat. I think we were all shocked and amazed of what they has seen. As we never exited the car, I don’t know if it made any noise. mufon cms# 87545

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