Saturday, July 8, 2017

UFO sighting in Yreka California during 4th of July fireworks display 07-04-2017

At first, it was thought to be a high-flying jet liner, but then it stopped and didn’t move. It was a neon green UFO that appeared to be round, but was to far away to discern its exact shape. After watching it for a minute or two, the UFO began to make unnatural maneuvers unlike anything any of us had ever seen before (Quick turns, and reversals of direction), then the UFO came back to its former spot and was stationary. UFO made these sorts of maneuvers three times during the fireworks display.

After the last maneuver, the UFO changed color, from green, to white and red. The UFO was about the size of the largest visible star, and seemed to be flying in the upper atmosphere at about a 45-degree angle from where we stood. We commented to each other that it was probably watching the fireworks displays in Yreka and Lake Siskiyou (a lake immediately west of Mt. Shasta).

About 30 seconds after the Grand Finale (10:10 p.m.) the UFO turned a bright red. It began moving slowly in a northwestward direction and we lost view of it as it passed behind a tree. Emerging from the other side of the tree, the glowing red UFO began to pick up speed, and made an abrupt turn westward. It then darted from that position (still about a 45-degree angle), and in about two or three seconds disappeared over the mountains on the horizon. This occurred about 10:12 p.m.

It was too fast and too high in the atmosphere to have been a drone. When it sped west over the horizon, it was at super-sonic speed, yet did not have a tail, or light trail behind it like meteors have.

I contribute this in hopes that others may also have saw it, and captured it on their cell-phone cam. It was so distracting, we paid more attention to it than we did the fireworks show. If it caught our attention that much, others must have surely witnessed it also. I’m anxious to see if it makes the newspapers or local news channels. It was a life changing experience. source

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