Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lighted Shapeshifting Black UFO observed by myself and my son 7/13/17 over Gladstone, MO

My son and I were driving south on N. Flora at the 5600 block when I saw bright lights just under the low-lying clouds as a storm was blowing in. They caught my attention as they looked quite low to the ground. I observed two amber lights on each side with a brighter, larger white light in the middle.
As we moved forward, my view was obstructed by trees, so I sped up slightly to better my view.
The lights had disappeared, but as I scanned the sky looking for them, I noticed a Large Black UFO moving slowly directly in front and above my vehicle. At this time I shouted at my son and pointed in the direction of the UFO. We witnessed the UFO as it crossed above the road, heading northwest, at the closest point to us being about 20 feet above. We pulled into the parking lot of the elementary school, and watched the UFO craft fold in on itself, changing from a Black Sphere-like UFO, to a squared shape, then into a large disc shaped UFO craft. The UFO ascended above the tree tops and took up into the clouds. We continued to watch as many (20+) sparkling, amber colored lights appeared through the clouds exactly where the UFO craft had disappeared. We watched in awe until all the smaller, twinkling lights disappeared. mufon cms# 85100 UFO Sighting occurred on July 13th 2017 9:02 PM Gladstone MO.

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