Friday, July 14, 2017

UFO Burns Witness Amarillo Texas April 8th 1950

"The Saucers That Time Forgot," a new blog focusing on the cases that UFO historians either missed, or would like to keep buried.The first report of a UFO burning a witness seems to be this April 8. 1950 CE2 case from Amarillo, Texas. According to the story, David Lightfoot, age 12, and his brother Charles age 9, saw an object land behind a hill, and they were able to walk up to it. David reached out: "My fingers just barely touched it and it felt slick, sorta like a snake would. It was hot, too." It sped off toward northeast, and after the encounter, David's face and arms became red with welts. source Curt Collins    The Saucers that Time Forgot

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