Saturday, July 8, 2017

Six UFO Sightings in one night 7-4-17 five on video Franklin Square New York

On July 4th 2017 around 10:pm my wife and I were cleaning up from guests and watching the neighborhood fireworks experts do their thing, when I saw a reddish UFO ball in the sky looking north. UFO put on a showy display of flashing, pulsing lights. My wife was in the adjacent kitchen and came out to see for herself. The UFO then displayed a white light that went left to right, then repeated, as though the light were encircling the UFO. As it was after sundown I could not discern the shape of the UFO. I ran upstairs to get my video camera, my wife kept watching the skies, when I returned and trained my camera the UFO had decreased in magnitude and was gone before I could capture it. Approximately 15 minutes later, I saw an object, when looking southward. I was able to get my camera and record the event for two minutes. The UFO was glowing red, apparently spherical, it then disappeared briefly, but a flashing white light came from the location it had been. Another blinking UFO appeared lower left. The second UFO disappeared below the tree line, the first drifted off to the east as it grew fainter. Upon reviewing my footage I became aware of 3 additional UFOs. There is a white object that moves quickly across the screen, another that zigzags twice before seeming to split off into two different directions, as two UFOs. source
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