Thursday, July 13, 2017

Two UFO Sightings over Patchogue NY. 7-4-17 firework display

UFO Sighting occurred over Patchogue New York July 4th 2017 report read as follows: Observed two UFO's hover above a fireworks show that lasted for over an hour and a half. One red-lighted UFO craft slowly rose in the air like a firework, but continued to rise to about 1,000 feet above the highest firework. The UFO hovered and moved in all directions and was able to stop on a dime.

This UFO Sighting was soon joined by a second identical UFO craft. The lights on both UFOs turned green. Each UFO craft had multiple lights. Eventually, after the fireworks performance ended (around 10:20 pm), the two UFOs slowly headed North until they couldn't be seen again.

We could only see the lights of the UFOs. They could have been drones. If so, they were expensive (high tech) ones. source

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  1. Saw the same, red light hovering then moving quickly from north to south stopping then repeating north south hover, then went to the east and slowly fade no sound at all