Wednesday, January 25, 2017

UFO glowed gold was shaped like a plane New Creek WV 1/10/17

My son, Marty was outside splitting wood, he yelled for me to come out to see the weird UFO light in the sky. I went out and saw an UFO in the sky glowed gold all over it looked like a cylinder with a small wing on top and on bottom, it was below and following behind a plane (we are on the Dulles airport flight area) heading south west. I had my glasses on and could see the color and the shape clearly. He noticed that there was a regular airplane in front and it has the usually red blinking light on it. When he first saw the UFO the plane was way ahead of it, but the object caught up, then disappeared close to the plane, he said. I went back in to get a coat as it was really cold that night. But then he saw it disappear (blink out) and in one second it came back but then disappeared into "glitter." Size of UFO: if you hold up your hand the UFO was about the size of an aspirin. It looked bigger than the plane. There was not sound except for the plane. I immediately jotted down the information above and made sure of what Marty saw. There was not cloud cover and the sky was clear. No wind. We can provide a sketch but do not have access to Internet at home. I am submitting this at the library. mufon cms# 81694