Wednesday, January 18, 2017

UFO Alien Soul Abduction telepathic 4 short ones and one tall Sun Valley CA 5/15/93

Late one night a shape shifter with my dad's voice arrived at my bunk bed and asked me to meet some friends. It had no face and walked through walls. I went outside and saw a large white chrome craft with about 4 short fat wrinkled beings with large blue eyes. I was in terror closed my door and ran to my closet grabbing anything I could find. Only an empty spirit can. I tried desperately to make it sharp to fend off the creatures. I tried to stay quiet and I remember the steps as they moved around my home while I tried to stay hidden. As I waited I wondered why no one else was awake or helping me. I was too scared to scream when the first one entered my room. I was immediately unable to move. They telepathically said, we will not hurt you and tried to advance. I was able to make a wall in my mind which agitated them. My fear caused my heart to almost explode from my chest and they showed me a scale in my mind with my heart rate getting dangerous. My failed attempt to communicate reached its peak when my mind could no longer keep them out. I feared the worst, a rat in the alien lab because my mind was weak. I asked God why evil would be allowed at this level without balance. The universe has an order and I was asking to be its vice. Suddenly as if I died from fear and returned from the darkness of death. The UFO Aliens were still there but they were afraid of me. A red glow was all around me that burned them if they got to close. A tall skinny dark figure approached and spoke out, a purple porthole was shown and it asked me to go inside. The next day my brother thought I was a god and the neighbors were sad saying they saw the devil and sold their souls. I told them the obvious. It was a UFO and something happened to all of us.(Using telepathy 4 short ones and one tall. They came for souls. A purple porthole was shown to me. I went in) mufon cms# 81599

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