Monday, January 9, 2017

Blue colored UFO sphere sighted by three people from three different locations Sri Lanka 1/1/17

Location: Sri Lanka East sky Orion constellation appeared alongside “Bellatrix”

UFO Description: This UFO appeared as a spherical one and it had a glowing bright blue color. Three friends including me saw this UFO from three locations situated approximately 20-45 km (Kandy, Central Province, Sri Lanka) to each other.

Remarks: UFO hovered for about 20-25 minutes while radiating orange-yellowish colors from the UFO sides. Slight movement from left to right was observed and went dim and bright (slow flickers) several times (no clouds) and after 2-3 minutes later moved towards south east direction in a constant linear speed faster than a common satellite.

1-2 minutes later an Aircraft with no sound (probably as I think) traveled in a strange path closer to the exact area the UFO was observed. Perhaps that arrival may have caused the UFO to move away.

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