Monday, January 30, 2017

Series of white UFO lights in a v-shaped pattern flying very low Yorktown Heights NY 1983

On the evening of March 23, 1983, I was observing the night sky in my parent's back yard(because I am a amateur astronomer) when I noticed seven bright white lights lined up in a V formation approaching my location from the north. As the UFO approached it moved very, very slowly and it appeared the seven individual lights did not move in relation to each other, therefore the seven lights appeared as if they were attached to one very large UFO. As these lights slowly moved past my location they slowly turned from bright white in color to all red in color. If indeed this was one large UFO instead of several smaller UFOs then I would estimate that it had to be at least one football field in size or larger! At no time could I see any structure or connecting material between the several individual lights because it was too distant for me to see it in that much detail. For the entire time I witnessed this UFO, it made no noise whatsoever. Also, the speed that this UFO(s) was moving was, in my opinion, far too slow to be any kind of fixed wing aircraft for they need to move faster for their wings to provide sufficient lift to keep them airborne. Before the UFO appeared, my sister and I were taking astronomical photographs so when I pointed out this UFO to my sister she took a few photographs of this formation of lights in the night sky. Unfortunately, I have since lost the negatives which my sister created of this formation of lights but I do still have two photographs of this formation of lights and they are quite amazing!!! They show something very unexpected and incredible about this formation of lights and that's the only way I can describe them. You have to see them for yourself to understand. Unfortunately I can't make any copies of these photos to show you all because I have since lost the negatives. mufon cms# 81800 Note: This UFO Sighting was during the Hudson Valley 1980 UFO Flap.

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