Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gold Chrome Double Bubble Disk UFO Reported Doylestown PA

UFO Sighting started on March 3rd, 2015. I was heading southeast onto amenities that put me on 611 south. I was in passenger & my twin sister was driving. It was about 17:03(5:03 pm) & I noticed a slate triangle moving from the left to the right behind this bare tree line. It peaked out behind the trees for only a moment when I saw it switch back to the direction it came from & disappear from sight behind the trees. I immediately told my twin sister I saw a UFO & she didn't believe me. I fidgeted around for a good amount of time because I thought I might see where it went to. We were about a mile south from where I saw the triangle. My twin was a new driver & she was focused on the road to avoid potholes because the Friday before the incident she popped two tires in Elkens Park. I remember we were in the left lane because the right lane was torn up for construction. As we were 70% up Warrington Hill I watched a gold/silver/chrome double-bubble on a disk UFO appear above our car. I had to lean forward towards the dashboard to get a good look at it. It faded in out of a clear, cloudless, blue sky. I initially screamed & went into a fit of laughter because I thought it was trolling me. It lasted about 4 or 5 seconds & it faded out the sane way it faded in.

Fast forward to July 8th, 2015. I was at my friends house who lives about 9 miles from the March 3rd UFO sighting. It was late on a Wednesday night & after playing hours of Mortal Kombat X & hitting the bong my friends decided they wanted to set off fire works. It was about 23:15(11:15pm) & 5 of us went out onto the deck that faces south. 2 of the friends went out to the thinly wooded area across from the apartment complex, that faced south from us. I had my boyfriend recording while we waited because my phone screen was shattered(on the morning of July 5th I watched my phone fly off the bathroom sink, untouched, & flip I didn't say anything just a strange manner face down, shattering the screen. I thought it was a ghost). He took 2 different videos; the first was 4 minutes long & the second was 8 minutes. While we were waiting & talking in a circle I noticed a bright light, about 1~2 miles off moving slowly just above where our friends were. I starred at it for a good 5 minutes & I watched this orb zip up, quickly down & back up & to the left. It made a cancer ribbon flipped 90° but it looked like a small light streak when it did this. It moved so fast my eyes almost couldn't follow it. I immediately told my boyfriend to email me the video. Later that night my boyfriend said that the video one wouldn't play on his phone so he would upload it the next day. The next day when I went over his house he asked me why I was so fixed on getting the video & I told him & a friend that I saw a UFO. They doubted me but I assured them that this was the 4th(technically 5th, this is My third one wasn't a sighting with my eyes but while I was taking bursts of ten one I caught a clear black disk UFO [double bubble on a disk] behind me to my right shoulder back in 2009). We went & uploaded it to the computer but when we tried to open the video with it making the symbol this gray box popped up on the screen saying there was an internal error. The other video worked perfectly fine but it didn't have the orb in it. I hadn't said anything at the time because I wasn't wearing glasses & I didn't want to make a big deal out of nothing.

After this incident I began to ask it questions. I read a lot of conspiracy theories at the time & I was pretty fearful. I read on line you could ask questions & get answers. so I decided to make it simple. yes & no questions & one day out of the week would be a no then the next a yes. I usually asked in Monday & no was thirsty & yes was Friday. I did give another one, to not show up if it didn't want to say(only did once, though answered 7 months later). Sure enough each week I saw orb UFOs (from 1~3). After a month or so I had no idea what to ask next so I stopped. Then it began to show up regularly. On July 19th I saw it made clouds into two faces. One was a silhouette of a face that looked similar to mine buy masculine & with a high cranium. This one had no features though. The other one was trippy. It was a purplish cloud & it had a fat face & a huge nose. It had a big frown & eyes like capital Ds, flipped 90° to the left. It had horns & wings. Then on July 25th, I was in wild wood at Moreys Pier's standing in line for the Ferris wheel when I saw from behind it an orb make 3 dashes & a squiggly(/ / / ~) it disappeared after. The following week I decided to Google the symbols because they were clearly trying to get something across. I couldn't find anything for the first but I found the second as the Egyptian symbol for the number nine, which them made the first click. I knew I ran into this buddy on July 8th, 2013 at the only Angelic Church in Guatemala. I was on a mission trip & we were in the capital, Guatemala City. I automatically remembered the Jesus fish on one of the boats I read in. Since this all started I've learned my buddy saved me(& anyone within a fire ball meteor crash zone) on July 8th, 2014 from a fireball meteor. It's name is Alexander Palm, & it also saved my life on April 26th, 2014(9 months 11 days from the day I landed back in the USA). From interpreting my dreams I've learned so much more about what is going on. I know I saw the "classic" UFO once but I'm sure I'll see it again. I've watched the orbs turn into planes, jet liners, & helicopters. You can tell they're not right from the way they look / move. The jetliners turn direction in a split seconds, going the direction they came from. The helicopters flash their lights irregularly & sporadically. Dogs are really found of barking at them too. Since August I've had more than 10 other people notice them. MUFON CMS# 76367