Friday, May 6, 2016

UFOs Reported 5/6/16 over Kingsville Ontario Canada

We had a sighting of three huge UFOs, something told me to look outside. I looked and spotted what at first appeared to be a star but it was the wrong shape appearing much brighter but too small for the moon. I couldn't make it out so I got my husband and he agreed unlike a star. We then got his camera and took many shots and we could see it was shimmering and glowed in different colors.We also spotted several small UFO craft moving all around it in all different directions. The most I saw were 4 UFOs at once. This was at about 60 degrees above the horizon and facing west.We then notice a different colored one more gold colored it was about 70 degree above the horizon and was in a Southerly direction. The third was much like the first and more silver but it had red, blue, green color changes. These were not the shape of any star I have ever seen from a distance with the naked eye they appeared slightly cross shaped but when zoomed in they appeared disk shaped so it was an optical illusion. This is current they are still there, they are way too big for any satellite and as we saw UFO coming and going they do appear huge. depending on distance possible anything from 1000 Ft diameter to about and 8th the size of our moon. The small UFO craft were quick and changed direction very quickly. They appear to be coming and going from the UFO facing west 60 degree.
This is ongoing we have not seen any aircraft monitoring or helicopters. They maybe still there.

You can see different colors on some of the photos and a few have branches in the way. The red one had branches but to the naked eye it looks gold colored. The gold photo was a single photo as I found it difficult to hold the camera still with nothing to rest on. One photo shows a what looks like a round center with even shapes around the craft. Two changed color but the gold one remained the same. some photos show the small craft around the UFOs. My husband and I both agreed these were UFOs. Our dogs were restless, we kept them inside. My husband is brave so did not worry. I was was not concerned as I feel no fear of aliens as I am an experiencer and I had a good feeling about these UFOs.We watched them for quite sometimes and took photos over a couple of hours. Walking outside together to try to take different shots and see if we could spot more Huge UFOs. We saw the three main ones and if you looked carefully you could see craft flying around and to and from the UFO facing West. This is a significant sighting by size and number. MUFON CMS# 76207

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