Friday, May 27, 2016

Several UFOs Spotted Over Tucson Arizona 5/24/16

There were two of us outside in our garden area between 8 to 9 pm. We were talking about the planet Mars and on the local 6 pm news they mentioned that you could really see the planet very well tonight. I had walked outside of the garden area to the other side of our house to place some garbage in the can. I saw how much better you could see Mars because there were no lights on in the other area of our house. We were looking all around us 360 degrees and focused on Venus more in southwest sky, then at Mars which was about 60 degrees in the sky from the southwest in alignment from Venus. We were talking about how some stars seem to appear to have another one just behind them and that it was making them look bigger and brighter and then we talked about the App you could get on your phone to map the stars. In an area that was about 30 degrees and more north from where Mars was there were maybe 3 to 4 stars that were in that area and they were about the same in size, except for one that was a little brighter than the rest. All of a sudden within this little area there was a whole group of star like UFOs maybe 10 to 15 of them and they were all twinkling at different intervals! But then about four of them started making these little random jumps in the sky as they were moving to the southwest. Then two of them made larger jumps in the sky and the others disappeared. The two remaining lights then disappeared and reappeared about 30 degrees from where we last saw them with the group. We were absolutely amazed as we have never seen anything like this in the skies before. Of the two of us, I'd taken astronomy classes and the other is retired from the major Aerospace company in Tucson. So, we have been privy to different types of launches that have occurred in our Tucson skies. The two UFOs that were left continued on the southwestern path and they had pulsating lights on them, also there was no sound coming from these UFOs, they disappeared into the dark of the sky. We talked about what we'd just seen and the other person said that they thought at first that she was seeing lightning when the group first appeared. I was comparing the random twinkling to a certain type of firework that goes up into the air then explodes into a random white twinkling as it goes downward. These UFOs were in no way fireworks,they were traveling in a southwestern path. When the few of them did the sky jumping, light skipping if you will, I could see a light trail that was from the arch of the jump. We both felt light hearted because it seemed that the lights were kind of playing around. As a point of reference, we came out after about an hour later and we saw two planes, they were much closer and traveling in different directions and we could both hear the sound that came from the motors. One was a small airplane and the other was a jet plane that was coming in to the Tucson Int'l Airport.MUFON CMS# 76622

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