Monday, May 30, 2016

Cross Pattern UFO Reported 5/30/16 Fall City Washington

Driveway. 0310 hrs. Facing south. Smoking cigarette. I see a bright UFO (not flashing) appearing in brightness as bright if not more than Jupiter as bright as Venus (our brightness celestial object.) travels briskly through the trees from the south-west and as it breaks through the trees facing south it appears to slow down as it sees me. It's flying as low if not lower than the aircraft flight paths that fly north and south of here and is unusual as it is flying between normal flight paths. It appears to slow down around south observation, bank and turn (still slowly) towards the east and continues slowly in the almost eastern direction. While I observed this change of direction observing towards the south I did see two other faint UFOs make a cross pattern behind the bright UFO: one to the right (W) and the other up (N?) After they passed and I could no longer see the first and initial brightest UFO fade east I seen the forth UFO come from North-E traveling south west. These can't be our satellites...most of our newer ones are geo synchronous so they orbit the sun with the Earth and do not move in the sky. Older sats orbit the Earth equatorial so the appear to cross the southern sky west to east (low Earth orbit) in a rather slow appearance of time (or travel across the horizon north from the southern hemisphere) within a low degree should be less than 20 degrees. We do however have polar obit satellites but are rarely used to observe the earth and they travel north-south. The UFOs should not change direction as they have and will appear almost 90 degrees above if they do. I am an amateur astronomer and by the way, I have seen these occurrences many times. I have witnessed more than 50 of the strange UFO occurrences. This one topped the sightings since last summer and I felt estranged to report it. I have documented many of them but sometimes I have seen a few flying and hovering over my work at night (while on break 2230 hrs.) Sometimes I've seen them flash brightly fade, then flash brightly and do this for less than 10 seconds and see them re-appear in another part of the sky and do this for less than 5-10 seconds. Somehow they have ultralight craft...they skip off the upper atmosphere. They're not E.T. they're from our planet, some kind of advanced insect-or dolphin fish race. MUFON CMS# 76694

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