Monday, May 23, 2016

Red UFO Sighting McMinnville Oregon 5/20/16 Report

Was walking to my car approximately midnight and sighted a Bright Red UFO near the vicinity of Jupiter (due West, approx. 15 degrees above the horizon) which I mistook for Mars at first. The UFO proceeded to grow dimmer and brighter with no particular pattern as it moved South-Southwest through the sky. Moved about five degrees then went from being a single point of light to a dim, hazy disc (still reddish) with some wobbly angular momentum. It seemed to come down near the South end of town, but it was very hard to perceive any dimensions on the UFO craft, including its position in regular space. It almost looked like a popped balloon when it was near the ground, and I would say it was, except for its bizarre behavior when it was in the sky and the fact that it only took about 5 minutes to descend, which would be impossible from its (apparent) height, even for an UFO in free-fall. NUFORC Red UFO Sighting McMinnville Oregon 5/20/16 Report 

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