Thursday, May 5, 2016

UFO Abduction 1988 witness report Athens ME.

My name is (name removed) decided to go to the trappers convention in Athens Maine at the Athens fair grounds in the summer of Aug of 1988 that Saturday night between 1:30 am and 2:00 am my friend was having a cigarette in my tent I was a sleep when he woke me up and said to me what do you think that bright light is I told him maybe its someone driving a truck in the field but it was not the light from the UFO was so bright it lit up the whole place we were about 100 yards from it the UFO was hovering above a pine tree about 60 feet above the pine tree all of a sudden a red ball appeared below the UFO then the red ball went above the tree tops and made a big circle and came back and vanished now the UFO was coming down with no noise and these colored rings appeared in front of my tent next thing you know it was morning my friend mark was a basket case that morning and I remember everything that happen except those colored rings we went to see ray fowler in Wenham Ma and we told him our story about the UFO and told him about the chain links of colored rings he told us that we probably got abducted so he hooks us up with MUFON people in Newton Ma to get hypnosis they could not put me under but when mark was under the woman asked him what happen next he came out of hypnosis and his teeth were chattering and said I cant go on anymore my friend Mark hung himself in Madison NH Aug of 1998 I would like to be put under hypnosis to see what really happen to us can you help this is a true UFO Abduction story. MUFON CMS#76183

UFO Sighting 4/14/16 Wisconsin Couple Feel Emotions of Love

My husband and I were just leaving our house. We pulled out of the driveway and headed toward the corner of Item in Janesville, Wisconsin where we live. We happened to look up directly in front of us and sighted this amazing UFO craft just hovering still in the sky above/in front of us. It was simply an amazing sight to behold! We got a very positive vibration from this sighting. The UFO sat there for about 30 seconds or so and then it took off extremely quickly and made a "whooshing" sound as it took off. We know that this was a UFO as no airplane looks like what we saw in our opinion. We were waving at them like a couple of goof-balls but we didn't care as we were so excited to have seen the craft! We truly wish we could have seen who the beings were. This was NOT in our opinion a military plane or anything from this planet. We believe they were just observing us. Possibly trying to communicate with us as my husband and I are very open. We got a feeling of love. Plain and simple! MUFON CMS# 76192