Saturday, December 14, 2019

UFO or Navy Drone Test You Decide Video

UFO News: Real footage of a Navy Drone test. Is it the UFO the Nimitz F-18 pilots saw? What do you think? Let's compare the two, side by side.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Real CE-5 UFO Video's Analyzed

UFO Video analyzed by Jason Gleaves (Ex UK Air force & Aerospace) 2019 plus CE-5 / E.T Alien Contact with Andrew Radziewicz & Peter Maxwell Slattery/ For more on UFO CE-5 Video's go to Or


Saturday, November 23, 2019


UFO Signs: Matt R a former police officer shares his experiences being abducted by Reptilians during his time in the Police Force. He writes: "Matt R served as an officer on the New Orleans police department during Hurricane Katrina, in the heart of the city. He remained with the department for almost 2 years after the storm. And, he has had several abductions involving reptilian aliens. One of the most interesting of these is the one that took place in 2005, just a few months before Katrina. He was abducted by reptilian aliens, to help them train in anti-riot techniques. This training was coordinated in concert with a black ops US military group, in a shopping mall, after dark. He later discovered there are over 15 other cops and military abductees who were taken in these same group training abductions. Matt learned about this fact from Joe Montaldo, who is head of the ICAR group, and a featured guest on “Ancient Aliens”. 

Sierra Sounds The UFO Alien Bigfoot Phenomena

UFO Signs: Best known for the Sierra Sounds, Ron Morehead is a researcher, author, and producer. He’s been known for decades for his world-wide research into the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. The Sierra Sounds are the only Bigfoot recordings that have been scientifically studied, time-tested, and accredited as being genuine. Ron has documented his personal interactions with these giant beings and produced his story on CD and in his book, “Voices in the Wilderness.” Very few researchers of his caliber are brave enough to publicly consider the hundreds of reports that include that “spooky action at a distance,” (Einstein). In his new book, “The Quantum Bigfoot,” Ron goes above and beyond, combining decades of experience and tireless hours of research into the realm of quantum physics as it could pertain to Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Also, he thinks there could there be an alien component to this mystery? Besides being the Keynote Speaker at many conventions, he has been featured on countless radio programs such as Coast to Coast, BBC TV documentaries, and the Learning Channel. ronmoreheadDOTcom

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Falcon Lake 1967 UFO Incident Revisited

The Falcon Lake UFO Files Talk by renowned Canadian Ufologist, Chris Rutkowski. Also featuring Stan Michalak, son of Stefan Michalak. Falcon Lake is the site of one of the most famous UFO incidents in Canada. On May 20, 1967, Near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Stefan Michalak claimed he was burned by one of two UFO flying saucers that he encountered. Thursday November 7, 2019 University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Richard Dolan Intelligent UFO Disclosure

The tragic disappearance of young pilot Frederick Valentich over the Bass Strait in Australia in 1978 has forever been wrapped in mystery. Richard and Tracey examine this event in an even-handed way without pretending to solve it. The case is a fascinating one, and it's not hard to see why some believe it was a genuine encounter with a UFO. Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After UFO Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

UFO Hunters: Recovered UFO Reverse Engineering

Follow a team from UFO magazine as they investigate the possibility that the technology providing us with fiber optics, night vision and the microchip, were derived from wreckage obtained from Roswell and other UFO crash sites, in Season 1, Episode 7, "Reverse Engineering". #UFOHunters Subscribe for more from UFO Hunters and other great HISTORY

Sunday, October 6, 2019

UFO Hunters: Air Force Engages with UFOs (Season 3) | History

The team investigates a string of UFO sightings that were followed by a military response in this clip from Season 3, "First Response". #UFOHunters Subscribe for more from UFO Hunters and other great HISTORY shows:® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

Friday, October 4, 2019

UFO Disclosure the Nimitz Tic-Tac and UFO Evidence

UFO Jesus is a popular advocate of UFO Disclosure, the belief that the US Government is close to revealing that it knows that some UFOs actually are the result of alien visitors. We talk about this and our different interpretation of the evidence used to support this case. In particular, we focus on the 2004 UFO case of the USS Nimitz, where, over several days, unexplained sightings and radar returns culminated in two fighter planes observing what one pilot, Commander David Fravor, described as a “white Tic-Tac shaped craft” performing impossible maneuvers. A later video was also taken, which I think shows a distant plane, and UFO fans think is this Tic-Tac. There are rumors of a higher-resolution longer video that shows more.

Friday, September 20, 2019

US Navy confirms UFO videos are real 7 News Australia

Out of this world: The US Navy has reportedly confirmed that three UFO videos leaked online over the past few years are in fact real - you were just never meant to see them. "I think there's been an awareness on behalf of the public. This is a worldwide phenomena. It touches people across all cultural and socioeconomic boundaries ... and I think it's about time," said Jaimie Leonarder, Vice President of UFO Research NSW, on the Navy confirming the authenticity of the videos.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

U.S Military Satellites and UFO Images

POPULAR MECHANICS, September 2019.

Want to see some first class UFO Sighting footage? I'm absolutely sure that those National Reconnaissance Office satellites have made lots. "There have been 17 launches of the satellites since the first in 1976. Lockheed Martin builds them, steadily improving their capabilities with each group or “block” of satellites, including their sensor systems and their data-download capabilities. The satellites are operated by the National Reconnaissance Office, with the data processed and analyzed by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, which typically provides reconnaissance data to U.S. defense and intelligence organizations, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD, and others. The satellites were first code named Kennan, but eventually renamed to Evolved Enhanced CRYSTAL System."

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Revealing UFO Alien Biggest Secrets Ever Discovered

Linda Moulton Howe opens up her Real X-Files of revelations coming from whistle blowers, touching on the secret alien war, Antarctica and people in the alien abduction syndrome about friendly and unfriendly agendas of non-human intelligence from the ancient past to the present day. Interestingly, Howe give in-depth discussion on the strange phenomenon Navy pilot's observed of UFOs in and around the South Pole, a secret 1954 training manual about UFO Alien ET technology. Are we being toyed with by extraterrestrials? Are there entities somewhere out there waiting to gain entrance into our minds and hearts and souls through any means possible? Are we pawns in a cosmic chess game between the forces of light and darkness?

Monday, September 9, 2019

UFO Sighting Video Leyden CO

I was delivering a passenger for Uber/Lyft. The area was pretty remote, but I was coming out of a small subdivision and was at the intersection of Culebra St and W 82nd Ave in Leyden Colorado (39.8469, -105.213). I noticed a UFO light floating in the air, over the hill in front of me. I observed the UFO light as I was approaching the intersection and stopped there to open my camera and take a recording. The UFO appeared to either be made of light, or to be producing light from one side of itself. It was hard to determine if there was a mass behind the light. I have taken frames from the video and it does appear to have something attached but it is faint/small/hard to make out compared to the light. The UFO floated back and forth, only changing elevation slightly. You can clearly see the light changing directions. Reviewing the frames from the video, the UFO is continuously changing/adjusting. I stopped my recording when I was startled by a vehicle approaching from behind me. I lost visibility shortly after that as I was in the foothills of the Rockies. When observing the video, at 1:27, a shooting star appears from the top left corner. The star flies in and then stops suddenly straight down. Milliseconds later a small white orb can be seen floating off the ground. I was not aware of the shooting star when I recorded the video. UFO Sighting Video Leyden CO 08/31/2019

Sunday, September 1, 2019

John Lennon Official UFO Sighting New York


"From the collection of guitarist Jesse Ed Davis - an original 'Walls And Bridges' acetate sleeve with doodles and drawings by John Lennon, 1974" "UFO, 1974 On the 23rd August 1974 at 9 o'clock I saw a U.F.O. J.L. - Walls and Bridges liner notes. John Lennon: "Over here, up there, I saw a UFO. And it went down the river, turned right at the United Nations, turned left and then down the river. It wasn't a helicopter and it wasn't a balloon and it was so near. It was silent. And it looked dark like black or grey in the middle, and had white lights, just looked like light bulbs, you know, just going off-on, off-on, off-on; blink, blink, blink, blink around the bottom and on top was a red light.'⠀

Everybody's smoking and no one's getting high⠀
Everybody's flying and never touch the sky⠀
There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised..."

India Taking UFO Aliens Seriously

DECCAN CHRONICLE, August 25, 2019.

The article brings " excerpt, in fact, from a PIL filed with the Supreme Court of India on June 11 this year, by Chennai-based independent researcher on UFO sightings Sabir Husain, Director of the Indian Society for UFO Studies (INSUFOS). He asks, in his plea, that the court direct the government to take UFO sightings seriously and form an organization to keep tabs on Alien extraterrestrial activities.”

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Large Cluster of UFOs over American Fort Utah

While sitting outside on the patio we noticed clusters of light passing us overhead. They were in a V-Formation, like the way that birds travel. However, the UFOs emit light independently. The UFOs flew overhead individually as a single craft, but sometimes in pairs or even groups of three. At one point two of these formations separated when an airplane passed it. The UFOs also varied in size and the altitude at which they traveled. Not sure what to make of it. Upon research the lights resemble that of the “Lubbock Lights”. UFO Sighting occurred on August 20th 2019

Monday, August 19, 2019

Evidence UFOs Are Real Has Been Made Public

The real significance of the subject UFO information was the admission by our government that UFOs are real. The only question remaining is whether or not UFOs are extraterrestrial. Since UFOs have been observed long before our current level of technology was available, it is highly likely same extraterrestrial. credit F.Stalter / Evidence UFOs Are real has been mad public 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Amazing UFO Experience in Scotland video

Today we examine a fantastic UFO sighting experienced by a mother, with two children, and a family friend in Scotland. This video shows the difference it makes when the shooter and other talk about what they are looking at while they film. Video has been transcribed because they accents are strong. Submitter Description: I was walking my dog with my children and their friend when I noticed a light in the sky at 9:30 pm but didn't pay much attention as I thought it was an airplane but five minutes later I noticed the light was in the same place and appeared to be hovering, there was also no sounds that would be associated with an airplane or helicopter. I decided to try and film this strange occurrence the orb was hovering and I then noticed another "UFO" orb appearing from the clouds the "UFO" orb I was focused on though began glowing, it was far brighter than it appears on the videos I captured, then moved away. A few minutes later it came back again and hovered then glowed but this time it moved towards the other "UFO" orb and appeared as though they would collide but they didn't and it disappeared into the clouds. If anyone has an explanation for this I'd love to know as I've never seen anything like this. Sorry Video has been deleted  

Monday, August 12, 2019

UFOs Can't Be Reversed Engineered

Anthony Bragalia: UFO EXPLORATIONS, August 2019.

"Department of Defense contractors tasked to unravel how extraterrestrial craft operate and who are supposedly conducting “reverse engineering” are taking money to accomplish this knowing that they cannot possibly ever do so.

These DOD contractors are well aware that they are being paid to produce results, and yet have found only minimal value in the study of the craft found fallen near Roswell despite the passage of decades.

This is supported by first-hand witness testimony from Wright, the statements of a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, analysis by two eminent science writers, and the actions of a US Senate insider.

It is clear that while technical studies of the craft continue over years, they are based on misplaced efforts and wasted expenditures. And these efforts and expenditures are being exploited for profit in a major way by these engaged contractors. They continue to string along their black budget paymasters with “progress reports” on a project for which, by its very nature, progress can never be made."

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Neighborhood UFO Encounter in Fair-Field, Ohio Video

Multiple people in Fairfield, Ohio encountered and recorded, strange UFO lights in the sky. They described the UFO Sighting as a V-shaped craft that seemed to disappear and re-appear. Two different camera recordings are contained in this examination video. One recorded earlier in the evening and one after dark. Both show the same UFO formation of lights in the sky. Sorry Video Has been removed by submitter.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

UFO Emerges from Atlantic Ocean reported

Amber yellow/orange flames around the UFO. The flames emulating the outer surface of a circular saw, and glistened as if burning. Continue Reading UFO report

UFO Sighting Recorded on Flight from USA to Greenland

While flying from Los Angeles Angeles to the United Kingdom I was watching out the window because I couldn't sleep. We were flying around 33000 feet heading over Canada towards Greenland and around the pole. Even though it was late at night local time the light from the sun could still be seen in the sky and it created a kind of twilight effect with the red glow on the horizon. I noticed on the Starboard side of the aircraft a darker shape below us in the cloud cover. continue reading

Friday, July 26, 2019

Recovered Exotic Materials From UFOs being Analyzed

Another Instagram, and quotes from Steve Justice and from TOM DELONGE about UNKOWN material from UFO. EXOTIC MATERIALS FROM UNIDENTIFIED VEHICLES ACQUIRED by @tothestarsacademy “The structure and composition of these materials are not from any known existing military or commercial application,” says Steve Justice, current Head of Technology and Aerospace at To The Stars Academy and former head of Advanced Systems at Lockheed Martin's ‘Skunk Works,’ “We currently have multiple material samples being analyzed by contracted laboratories and have plans to extend the scope of this study.”

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Area 51 Has No UFO Aliens say's Bob Lazar

“I have to comment on this ‘Storm Area 51’ thing. I do understand it was started as a joke by someone, but there are a number of people who are actually planning on showing up. This is a misguided idea,” Bob Lazar posted on his Instagram with a screenshot of the Facebook event.
In a 1989 television interview, Lazar famously claimed to have worked on reverse engineering alien spacecraft technology at a site called “S-4,” located south of the main Area 51 location. “Area 51 is a classified research base. There are no UFO aliens or alien technology located there,” Lazar continued on Instagram. “The only place there was ever any alien technology was at Site S-4, south of Area 51 proper. That was 30 years ago. S-4 may have moved decades ago or it’s possible it’s no longer being used for the UFO Alien project." “I do not support this ‘movement,’” Lazar said. He added that the last time someone attempted to get into Area 51, “he was shot.” “This is not the way to go about trying to get more information. What is good, is the interest in the UFO subject the science and technology. That is what would immediately change the world we live in.”"

Thinking of entering Area 51 Forget it

"Law enforcement sources in the Nevada area where the notorious U.S. Air Force base is located tell TMZ that all the agencies that need to be aware of a potential raid on the premises are briefed and prepared for folks who might wanna try something come September. We're told the right people are monitoring all this online chatter about a potential raid, and the way the powers that be see it anyone who tries to follow through will be met with serious obstacles. First and foremost, we're told anyone who commits a crime in or around Area 51 including trespassing will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of local and military law. Our sources also tell us local cops will work together to curb any attempts to even wander near Area 51 property and they're prepared to use non-lethal force, such as tear gas and pepper spray."

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Several fireball UFOs seen by husband and wife in Arizona 7/9/19

My husband and I were driving through the desert on our way home from Flagstaff and I looked up and saw probably six fireball-type UFO lights in the sky and I pointed at them and asked my husband if he could see those, too. He said they were definitely there, I wasn’t just imagining things. These UFOs were circular, in a mostly straight line, but a couple of them were a little higher than the other ones. Once one UFO disappeared, another UFO would appear on the other side. We saw it for a few seconds, and it disappeared. One light went out, then the next, and so on until it was all out, but that happened within like a second. It went out as soon as I told my husband to grab his phone and take a video, as if it could hear us, or see us. So, since it disappeared, we forgot about the phone for a moment and talked about what we just saw and it came up again, doing the same thing, only a shorter amount of time that time.

Many different blinking UFOs over Grand Prairie Canada AB

Many blue dots moving without regard for acceleration or inertia

At around 3:00 AM on 7/10/19 , I saw the ISS move across the sky, so I am confident it was not merely any satellite. Many different low brightness blinking UFOs, sometimes emitting pulses of spread light. Movement was erratic, non-linear acceleration in many of them. Could easily move from their current position to an entirely different position akin to shining a laser pointer and moving it across the sky, their velocity had no inertia insofar as I could tell. There was more than a dozen of these UFOs sighted phenomena, and each of them moved in erratic manners. Occasionally split off into more vehicles, though this type of event occurred less frequently. Extremely dim light emission, unable to be received on Android A-6 smartphone camera.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Teardrop shaped UFO Sighting flying over Imperial Beach CA.

I was watching a fireworks display at the imperial beach pier, as the sky lit up from the fireworks I saw a teardrop shaped UFO flying horizontal towards the ocean. The UFO could have been oval or circular with an air stream behind it but I am not sure. I pointed to it and said "what is that?" a person next to me said "I saw it too" it looked like a falling star but it wasn't going downward, just straight across the sky. After it passed for about 5 seconds it disappeared.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Two Bright UFOs disappeared then heard rumbling east sky Lakeland FL.

Getting out my truck 2 UFO lights caught my eye in the east sky, it was if they were drifting but they were very far away. UFOs were bright like a slow moving fire ball I guess. One disappeared then seconds later the another One disappeared. One other time 3 years ago I seen what I thought was fire balls, it was 5 perfect looking round shape rocks in formation with each other like traveling across the sky in together in with a sphere together, literally over my head. Come out of no where. The 2 UFOs I seen tonight were far away but had the same color as the group of boulders, bright white and yellow and slightly orange and maybe a little red. And after they disappeared I heard rumbling like thunder in a distance the lasted several minutes. UFO Sighting occurred on June 25th 2019 Lakeland FL.

Circular Saucer UFO with 3 glowing yellow lights seen in Charleston SC.

I was just looking outside my window when I saw a circular disk UFO with 3 glowing lights floating in the air. the lights were yellow with a faint red dot in the center. I thought it might have been an aircraft because I live next to a air base. But it didn't look like a normal ship and didn't look like it was going the usual airline flight path. The UFO Sighting was huge, just floating in the same spot. I went out of my room to tell my family what I've witnessed. when I came back it was gone. UFO Sighting occurred on 6/24/19

UFO Sighting and Strange Music Idaho witness claims

Very near Idaho/Nevada border, I picked up a strange radio station and spotted at least one UFO - I didn't believe until last night.

At approximately 23:47 on U.S. Hwy 93, 3 miles south of Hollister, ID the station I was listening to “Boise State Public Radio” on 91.7 when the usual news/classical format changed. It began playing very strange atmospheric, almost psychedelic music, with what sounded like whales in the sounds as well. The noises in the music all put together sounded like something I had never heard before, it is almost impossible to describe the sense it created.

I continued for several miles, still tuned in for curiosities’ sake. At this point I was only a few miles south of Rogerson (8 miles from where I originally began hearing the strange music) My dog that I travel with began barking very loudly, which he never does on car rides. I very briefly looked back to calm him down when suddenly the music got much louder and when I shot my view back forward there was a very bright purple/blue light just above the road, I swear it grew brighter and brighter with every passing moment. It almost appeared like an air traffic light burning very bright in the middle of the highway. I braked almost immediately and pulled to the side of the road, terrified as my dog continued to bark, yelp, and howl. As I reached in my glove box for my pistol, the music went down to its usual volume and as I hopped out the large light was gone. I could almost see nothing since the light took away my adjusted night vision. I took out a cigarette to calm my nerves as my eyes readjusted, continued listening to the strange music still playing through my Oldsmobile and realized my perception of time during this whole incident was very skewed, a 15 minutes had felt like hours. Just then I noticed five UFO lights, getting brighter and brighter just as the first had, UFOs were staggered almost like a Z with an extra line going straight up and slightly to the north from the south as I was facing it. They stayed bright for several moments before one by one faded into the atmosphere! here. At some point during my dumbfounded staring at the sky my radio had gone to static. After looking it up, I had been out of range of the radio signal since Hollister.

I did not believe in UFOs or Extra Terrestrials until last night, if you had told me they were anything other than folk stories, I would have laughed at you.

I have never been more wrong, or terrified of my mistake, in all my years.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Las Vegas Alien UFO Bases IUFOC93 Video

British UFO Researcher RW took his time to watch the Vegas Desert area with care, and on Hi8 Video. His material is on UFO shows and YOU Tube around the world. But this horrific 1993 IUFOC interrogation was captured just after the Nights hypnotic and drug Interrogation, in a hotel Room in the old Showboat Hotel downtown Las Vegas, by Irish UFO researcher Miles Johnston. Critical to this hour long interview is the intrusion, of what became known as Six Greys , and MILAB style Ultra High Multi Frequency Audio technology, detected by the camera, as mushy noise. The Camera's Infra Red auto focus, tried to focus on numerous entities around the worn out and R-W, after his night of interrogation by some of the speakers at the IUFOC Dec 1993. So important was this tape that Certain Psi-Intell Agencies in a number of countries got copies. This was released in part, in BASES 2. Now released in part in YOU Tube in 2007. FULL DVD available. The full interview after his interrogation is too disturbing, and is ONLY available to mature well experienced researchers.

Major UFO Disclosure 2019

Exciting News!!! In this video you'll here about how 2 senators and the president have been briefed on UFO's following the increase of UFO sightings by the US Navy. Is disclosure coming soon?

Monday, June 10, 2019

Greenfield MN UFO Sighting outside my window

I'm laying in my bed and I look out to my window and I noticed a UFO that presumably looks circular and has red yellow and white lights in a non distinct pattern heading West I open up my window and try to listen for a sound in the best way I can describe the sound is a low pulsating humming sound and it's very faint and it gets fainter as it gets away and then a plane not too far behind it comes to light but then I can hear the sound of the plane and barely the sound of the aircraft.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Bombshell reports thrust's UFO Sightings into the mainstream

In the first episode of "The Basement Office", host Steven Green street discusses recent bombshell reports that have thrust UFO Sightings into the mainstream. These include ongoing revelations coming out of the Pentagon regarding "unidentified aerial phenomena", the Navy's encounters with unidentified craft that "defy physics", and commercial air pilots having close encounters. This episode features Nick Pope, the "real-life Fox Mulder", who secretly investigated UFOs for the British government during the 1990's while running the "UFO Office" at the UK's Ministry of Defense. UFOs: “A Threat to the Homeland” | The Basement Office - Ep. 1 | New York Post

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Awesome Space-X Star-link objects train 24 May 2019 watch video

The train of Star-link satellites passing over Leiden, the Netherlands, about 22.5 hours after launch. Video with WATEC 902H + Canon FD 1.8/50 mm lens, GPS time insert.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Spanish Air Force F-86-F Sabre UFO Encounter 1954

UFO Sighting Witnesses:
Capt Juan Alfonso Sáez-Benito Toledo
Lt. Luis Carbayo Olivares, both F-86F Sabre pilots of the Spanish Air Force, 102nd Fighter Squadron
Ground Radar of Escuadrón de Viligancia Area #1 (EVA-1) (No. 1 Air Surveillance Squadron) in Calatayud, Zaragoza.

UFO Sighting encounter Summary:

During a "Red Eye" air defense exercise two F-86-F pilots from Zaragoza air base observed one bright grey egg-shaped UFO flattened in the upper portion with two porthole-like windows. The UFO Sighting seemed to be flying at a speed of 800 km per hour at an estimated altitude of 27,000 to 33,000 feet. Radar at Zaragoza tracked the UFO for about 25 minutes. Elements of the US VI Fleet participated in the Red Eye exercises, but there is no information regarding any contact with this UFO. Spanish results of Red Eye exercises are still classified.

The two pilots were extensively debriefed about their encounter, but when the Spanish Air Staff began declassifying their UFO Sighting files in 1991, inquiries about this case were met with the response "FILE MISSING". Most of the information about this case comes from witness interviews long after the event. Sources: Weinstein, Dominique, Project ACUFOE, Aircraft UFO Encounters: Radar/Visual Cases, Vol. 4, 1967-1976/1999 Case from Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and Joan Plana, Spanish Aircat from pilots’ reports. SOURCE credit PROJECT 1947  J.Aldrich

Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Inevitable End of UFO Secrecy

UFOs have always been an unspoken part of our world, something that remains officially denied but which is in fact believed by enormous numbers of people, many of whom work within the classified world and know the truth. Richard Dolan argues that the secret will not hold much longer, and in fact changes are already happening. The end of UFO secrecy is inevitable.

Monday, May 6, 2019

UFO Sighting over Australia March 16th 2019 watch video

UFO Sighting over Australia March 16th 2019 watch video. Peter Maxwell Slattery is an International Bestselling Author, speaker and ET Contactee, with one of the most documented ongoing Extraterrestrial Contact Cases in history.

Navy & UFO Sightings Controlled Disclosure Continues

The U.S. Navy recently stated that it is issuing new guidelines relating to UFOs or UAP. It's noteworthy that the Navy acknowledges the proliferation of unknown objects penetrating sensitive airspace, something that has occurred for decades. But another trend is at work: the ongoing re-branding of UFOs into UAP. Removing the baggage of the term UFO also means siphoning out the history of military confrontation, of crash retrievals, and even of apparent alien encounters. It's part of a slow process we can call Controlled Disclosure. Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Friday, April 19, 2019

WALKIN'S Alien UFO Contact's Video

Tangle Foot is a Thunder Shaman, walk-in, researcher and contactee offering a safe and sacred space for other walk-ins, those who have had extraterrestrial, or any paranormal encounters throughout their lifetime in order to bring forth validation and healing, in a group setting. Tangle Foot would like to encourage and inspire you to come and discuss your experience without judgement and assist with any trauma based encounters so that you may break free from any chains that may seem to bind an individual starting with the mind. One on one session will be offered as well, with herself or Theta Healing by her colleague, who is well equipped in the UFO community.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Triangular shaped UFOs circle and jump space Hillsboro Ohio

Three witnesses among family. First UFO sighting was on the way home, starting with two UFOs in a far distance, and continued as we pulled in the drive. Two triangular shaped UFOs circled our complex about 5 or 6 times within 20 minutes. One of the UFOs had seven blinking lights and the other UFO had only three; the one with seven blinking lights was leading the other craft the whole time. At one point, the leading UFO approached a normal commercial airplane and disappeared, jumping from above to the left of us in around one second. They then went around the back of the house and completely disappeared. Aircraft noises separate from the UFOs themselves were heard, possible reasoning behind circling such as watching or chasing them. duration of this UFO Encounter was 25 minutes.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Joe Rogan Believes in UFO's watch Video

Uncensored Video Transcript: You believe in UFO's yeah oh my god really yeah yeah see I believe in there's other other life-forms out there I don't think they're coming here they might the thing they might what why not think it but just because here's here's one thing I do believe most people are full shit you know it comes to like most of their stories like it's it's hard to find a person that could just tell you what happened based on what they really remember people want to jazz things up and they want to add salt and pepper yeah they have sex with men that don't they don't necessarily tell you the
truth they tell you what they think is gonna be an engaging story that kind of represents the truth maybe especially when it's a weird thing like you saw something in the sky what did you really
see how long did you look at it for how many seconds was it well I mean here's the problem I have with UFOs and I believe there are UFOs but I don't think that because that means they're Tech
first of all if they're coming here that means their technology is far way more advanced than ours
right so why would they care if people saw them they would show up if I was an alien and I was that far ahead of us I would lay in that bitch right in the middle of Times Square and be like what
we require why would you do that but why wouldn't I why am i hiding in fields where nobody can see us are you aware of how we treat un-contacted tribes yes to a point but the point but what I'm saying is if you're that power advanced they know if they're coming here they know they're way smarter than that's right because they've traveled here right and we don't even know other from
far distances we can't even imagine and they're here they don't have to hide it's just like they do it because they have to hide or do you think maybe they do it because we can't handle it because
we can't handle it why would they care if we could handle it or not because here's the problem whenever any civilization has ever encountered a civilization far superior to them the results have always been catastrophic every single time every time Europeans have invaded North America
every time the Spanish visited the Mexicans every time that this has happened it's been a disaster and this is human beings if there was something that came down here from another planet it was so unbelievably sophisticated that it could travel through vast distances in space and had insurmountable impossible technology that we would look to it for all of our answers it would become our new daddy it would completely disrupt all of our governments it would disrupt all of our religions it would disrupt every single belief system we have and people would fall apart they wouldn't know what to do
psychologically it would be devastating look I'm not a doctor a psychologist but I know most people would not be able to handle it I understand that but why would they care because that's my whole
point because why would they care about because it would be affecting our culture it wouldn't care but why wouldn't they care but why would I care we care about animals bro there's a reason we have wildlife protection agencies we have that because we care about animals and animals don't even
know we're a thing if you're a deer living in the forest and you're two years old you might not have ever even seen a person you don't even know what the fuck we are but we're trying to keep those deer alive we spend billions of dollars every year protecting them we do that because we care about wildlife if we cared about a rare monkey that we found in Indonesia in the course of strange monkey we would do whatever we could to make sure that monkey's populations thrived if there was a way
to help them I mean that's one of the reasons why zoos exist they take rare animals they try to breed them in captivity and but we're also sharing the same earth well then maybe they look at the universe that way and okay nuclear civilizations like our civilization I mean our civilization is a very dangerous one because we're we're a bunch of semi hairless monkeys with nuclear weapons
I mean we're fucking nuts bro oh yeah we're obsessed with sex we jack off to our phones where we're taking pills to keep our dick hard we're all on speed this these are we're at and we lie we lie about shit we lie about things that people did to us we pretend people think did worse things we pretend that we
didn't do things to people we lie about stealing we lie about money we lie about all kinds of things I mean people are so so you're you're thinking aliens are thinking about all that before they come down of course they would why wouldn't why wouldn't I guess I'm coming from a human point of view where we don't give a shit about anything there's a thing that's not true we do give a shit about things
that's why when you go to the Galapagos Islands you're not allowed to take your shoes you walked around Los Angeles and walk around the Galapagos Island because people have done that and they've gotten seeds from their shoes stuck in the sand over there in the ground over there and then new plants grow that are invasive species that we're worried about ecosystems that we really account that's
why humans that's where we're worried about invasive species.

Monday, March 25, 2019

UFO Sightings NASA Urges Take UFO Alien Claims Seriously

Dr Knuth said: “I think UFO Sightings has become something of a religion with an agenda, discounting the possibility of extraterrestrials without scientific evidence, while often providing silly hypotheses describing only one or two aspects of a UFO Sighting encounter reinforcing the popular belief that there is a conspiracy. “A scientist must consider all of the possible hypotheses that explain all of the data, and since little is known, the extraterrestrial hypothesis cannot yet be ruled out."


Saturday, March 16, 2019

UFO Sighting White Oval Sphere with three military jets in per suite

On Monday, March 11, 2019 at 12:20 am Eastern Time in Wareham, Massachusetts, between my home and the Mass Maritime Academy above Onset Bay at around 20 thousand to 30 thousand feet a large round white glowing UFO just hovering in one spot. Which was to the East of my location. It did not appear to be a planet or a stare. I also observed what appeared to me to be three military jets possible from West Hover Air National Guard base “possible F15's” flying around this UFO. Looking out from the slider of my back deck from my kitchen. The UFO Sighting was glowing white when I observed the three military jets flying around it. When the jets approached it seemed to change color and glowed red for a split second then disappeared for what seemed to me a couple of seconds. UFO reappearing close to the same spot as it disappeared zig zag from north to south followed by a rapid acceleration to the West and then totally disappearing from site. A quick note the location where I made my observation from is near PAVE PAWS US air force NORAD radar site also Otis Air Force base were the USAF has a drone test flight facility also Joint Base Cape Cod where the Massachusetts Army National Guard along with the regular US military conduct anti-terrorism training. Finally a little about my background I have worked as a landscaper, and I am currently an amateur radio operator and have been involved with Regional Civil Emergency Services (RACES), and Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES). Which required me to undergo extensive emergency communications, and search and rescue training.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Retired Army Col. John Alexander's International UFO Congress lecture

Alexander’s presentation will include an insider’s view of how the U.S. government deals with UFOs and other phenomena with detailed explanation about specific events. While supporting the physical reality of UFOs, he will discuss some of the myths that have been built up over time. Noting that real disclosure has happened yet gone unnoticed, Alexander will examine disclosure and address its actual confirmation. John Alexander is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and a leading advocate for the development of non-lethal weapons. For the first time anywhere his new book, UFOs Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities, which provides a government insider’s look at the UFO Sightings phenomena, will be available. In his book, Alexander discusses the organization he created while on active duty to explore this topic. Comprised of members across the Department of Defense and aerospace industries, Alexander was surprised at what he learned when he briefed the leaders of many of these agencies. A very important aspect of this book is a description of how government agencies really work, and how an individual’s belief system impacts the organization’s operations. Visit John's website at:

Monday, February 11, 2019

Yellow oblong UFO Sighting over Sandpoint ID

Between hours of roughly 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm PST on Feb 2, 2019, we were sitting in our hot tub. It was a dark night conditions were with clouds and no stars visible. Suddenly a yellow oblong shape UFO Sighting tracked across the sky in a North - NNE route. UFO would have been below the cloud cover. There was no 'tail'. UFO was distinctly not round, and not fully teardrop, but just oblong.

The UFO Sighting event didn’t last more than 1 minute, and though I didn’t see it 'appear' because the hot tub lid obscured the view, it disappeared as a sort of blur that seemed to me that it was being obscured by clouds as it headed away from us. It was never directly over us as if trying to BE over us personally. It just tracked along a bit to the east of our exact position as we looked up.

UFO was a golden yellow color like campfire flame, not white or red or green as would normal aircraft lights be. The entire shape was the same color, not blinking or shifting intensity, and not leaving behind a trail or tail of any kind. The full shape just moved across the sky. And there was no noise at all, but then again, we were in the hot tub and that was making noise.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

There are hundreds possibly thousands of these UFO things Springfield OR

These UFO sighting's have been going on for some time now, I can't be exact when I first noticed what started out as "strange things". To be honest, after I realized it was not my eyes playing tricks on me I thought perhaps I was losing my mind. That would be easier to explain I think, but I assure anyone who reads my report, I am not crazy nor have I lost my mind. I am however beside my self trying to grasp the reality of what I have been witnessing. When I first noticed something "odd," it was some kind of "something" I didn't know what, that streaked across the sky at a quick as lightning speed, it was by accident that I happened to notice these things and they were so fast if I blinked I would miss it. After some time I then realized the origin of where they were coming from. To the East of my location I have a pretty good view of the mountains a good estimate of the distance from me to there I would say somewhere between 2 to 4 miles, 2 at the least and 4 at the most, this being a straight shot. This is Weyerhaeuser property. When the day light begins to fade and dusk is setting in, just on the ridge of the mountain top there you will notice a illuminating light coming from behind the mountain, if you see the light an watch closely you will notice what looks to be something like an orb, light in color, white/bluish most often, occasionally red shoot straight up in the sky, so fast it almost seems like it was just shot from a sling shot, if you blink you will miss it. As I became more aware of these things and knew what to look for the more i questioned my reality, i am trying to grasp and comprehend what this is that I am seeing.

Recently I have noticed some changes in what I knew as routine, also in appearance.

Each Orb, as i referred to them as that shot off from over that mountain top came directly over head of my location, gradually made a u turn and shot off into the distance, destination unknown. Then i saw one, closer and reduced speed i noticed after making a u turn the object is not an orb at all, they are disks and from looking underneath it's clear to see it is a disk shape outlined with lights. Now that i know this i can recognize these disks at random in the sky and what i suspect trying to hide their presence behind what i thought were clouds. The "clouds" also illuminate the white lights shaping the discs so although one could easily not notice, one could notice if they knew what to look for.

These UFO sightings have been going on for months now, I have been committed to watching, observing, and trying to learn more about these UFOs . What shocks me and the more I learn the more shocked I get is, I swear on my life and everything I love, even on my only child I am telling the truth when I say there are hundreds of these UFO things, possibly thousands. There are signs of some kind of intelligence from these things might I just add. They are there every day, and every night. I really hope that there is somebody out there that can tell me what these things are exactly, what their purpose is, possible their intentions, something. Tell me i'm wrong, but don't tell me i'm crazy.

I can't help feeling frightened at times wondering what is the meaning behind these UFO things? And i can't help but to feel some excitement of the idea. what are they doing here? and what could there possibly be over that mountain top that they are so interested in? Where do they go when they shoot off into the sky? Why are there so many of them? And why the hell has nobody else seen these UFOs? Who do i even tell about what i'm seeing? And would they even believe me? Well that's why i am writing this now, where it goes and what comes of it I can only wait to find out.

I will follow up on the situation in soon time for those that are curious, and believe what i am saying. I am telling the truth, I don't care to be ridiculed over something I hesitated and debated even speaking up about. Don't pass judgement until you see for yourself, that's fair enough and all I ask. 1/25/19

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Alien Encounter or Sleep Paralysis reported 1/22/19 Columbus Ohio

UFO Alien News 1/27/19 Last night, I had sleep paralysis, unlike any other time before. Except this time, I opened my eyes (so I believed I opened them) except I could only see out of the center of my forehead. I would blink and felt like I only had my one eye. I saw and heard what looked like 3 or 4 Alien grey beings with the big black oval eyes. Except they looked like they were caught and starting to hurry up and stop because they realized I woke up. Anyway, my vision out of my one eye was a little blurry because it looked as if I was looking through a clear kaleidoscope. I felt like I was telling them to go away and leave me alone and so they did. This time, I didn't wake up from that, I just kept sleeping. So, what I acknowledged was going on (I think telepathically) was my vision from that one eye was crystallized. And also telepathically, I told them to stop and they looked like "why were doing something good for you." And they hurried up and left me with my blurry eye. Like, I could see their heads moving and looking at one another conversing among each other to hurry, but they didn't hesitate much until I realized "wait a minute, I'm stronger than you " that's when they fled entirely and I slept peacefully without waking up from the experience. 

Strange Cylinder UFO Sighting 1/23/19 Boise Idaho Reported

UFO Sighting reported: I was sitting on my couch, watching a movie, when I see something out of the corner of my eye. I look out the window and see some sort of two part black floating UFO. I say it was a cylinder shape because the two main compartments were cylindrical in shape as well as rod connecting the two parts. There also appeared to be a horizontal laying rod shape on top. The top compartment was bigger than the bottom. I saw no lights or coloring on UFO. Felt like I was looking at some sort of engine part that was solid black floating in the sky. I originally thought it was a drone as my neighbor has one and I see it often. I thought the horizontal rod was a blade but realized it wasn't spinning. I ran out the front door two seconds after it left my view from the window it was gone. It also occurred to me that if it were one of the neighbors drones it would have been out of their eyesight and would not have flown it that far. I looked out the back window across the horse pasture where said neighbors would have been flying the drone from they were not there. Nor could the drone flown fast enough to completely vanish from sight after a two second gap. Nor did I hear any sounds that usually accompanies a drone. I have no idea on the real size of the thing based on the fact that I have no idea how far away it was. It was against the gray cloudy sky and did not pass any objects that could have given me a rough guess on size. This UFO Sighting was definitely odd shaped and fast moving. I would not have been able to have been quick enough to take a picture if I had my phone camera on and with me, it was only there for a few seconds. Not sure what it could have been but after some research into drones have concluded that no one has made a drone of that shape as of yet. I went back inside after looking at the sky for a minute and immediately grabbed a paper and pencil and wrote down and drew a rough sketch of what I saw.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Triangular 3-color UFO Sighting West Allis WI 1/10/19

Triangular 3-color UFO Sighting with an accompanying white light Ball UFO overhead

January 10, 2019, 6:15 A.M. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While driving south on 87th Street approaching Wisconsin Avenue from the Froedtert Hospital Health Complex, I noticed a white, green and red flashing UFO in the shape of large “3 corner hat” in the distance toward the south. It was still dark at this time and the UFO Sighting was very bright and clear. It seemed to hovering over the general area. As I turned and proceeded east on Wisconsin Avenue, I noticed that it was actually moving slowly. I turned south onto 76th street from Bluemound Avenue. The UFO Sighting became brighter and continued to alternately flash bright red and green. I noticed a “bar” of 4 to 5 white lights on the underside of the UFO which also flashed on and off. What surprised me then was the appearance of a white bright light “ball” that seemed to meet the 3-corner shape object and then disappear. As I was approaching the area of the Wisconsin State Fair Park on the 76th street side, which covers approximately one square mile, I noticed that the 3-corner object was passing east to west over the entire area. I was driving slowly to see if this was some sort of airplane, but it clearly was not as it was traveling east to west over the area, relatively fast. I then called the non-emergency phone number of the West Allis police department. The department had not received any other calls on the matter and the operator suggested that I call again if I see the UFO again. Unfortunately all law enforcement officers were out on emergent calls and could not be dispatched to confirm my sighting. I watched as long as possible while driving home and it was very clear that this was a sizable UFO that I would compare to being a fifth of the size of a full moon in the sky. The UFO Sighting was low enough to see the 3 corner shape and appeared to be traveling further south as I watched, over a wider area than the State Fair Park area of what is known as the city of West Allis, Wisconsin, known as the Milwaukee postal code area. I am certain of what I witnessed this morning.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Glowing circular UFO Sighting with dark blue ring falling from the sky Lexington NC

Driving on I-85 North my husband and I saw a glowing blue circular UFO fall from the sky. Not a shooting start. I have seen one of those. Hard to explain, of course, but UFO Sighting was glowing similar to the moon. UFO had a bluish white center with a pretty darker blue ring. Seemed to fall in a circular motion (like something being thrown) rather than straight out of the sky. Photo below only a depiction of UFO. reported 12/26/18

Two strange formations of continuous red-orange silent UFOs Brandon MS

My family and I observed two separate formations of red-orange UFOs flying what appeared to be east-northeast tract. The UFO formations exhibited a continuous red-orange color. I'm former military and civilian and military aircraft typically have flashing lights while flying at night.

The first formation were 3 craft that traveled the same east-northeast tract for approximately 5 minutes at different speeds before disappearing in the clouds. The second formation were also 3 UFOs flying the same tract at different speeds and also disappeared in the clouds.

All 6 UFO Sightings did not produce any noise. We originally thought the UFOs were drones; however, drones can not travel that distance without losing signal. These lights were not fireworks as firework lights do not travel that distance and then gain additional altitude after their report. UFO Sighting reported Dec.31,2018 over Brandon MS

UFO Sighting of Disk Craft Reported 500 ft over New Haven CT

A metallic saucer shaped UFO flew diagonally from the top of Heroes Tunnel in New Haven up about 500 ft to the right. UFO was the size of small vehicle. UFO then hovered next to another similar craft and then both saucers disappeared. UFO Sighting was reported  occurred on Dec.29,2018 in New Haven CT.


Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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