Saturday, January 12, 2019

Triangular 3-color UFO Sighting West Allis WI 1/10/19

Triangular 3-color UFO Sighting with an accompanying white light Ball UFO overhead

January 10, 2019, 6:15 A.M. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While driving south on 87th Street approaching Wisconsin Avenue from the Froedtert Hospital Health Complex, I noticed a white, green and red flashing UFO in the shape of large “3 corner hat” in the distance toward the south. It was still dark at this time and the UFO Sighting was very bright and clear. It seemed to hovering over the general area. As I turned and proceeded east on Wisconsin Avenue, I noticed that it was actually moving slowly. I turned south onto 76th street from Bluemound Avenue. The UFO Sighting became brighter and continued to alternately flash bright red and green. I noticed a “bar” of 4 to 5 white lights on the underside of the UFO which also flashed on and off. What surprised me then was the appearance of a white bright light “ball” that seemed to meet the 3-corner shape object and then disappear. As I was approaching the area of the Wisconsin State Fair Park on the 76th street side, which covers approximately one square mile, I noticed that the 3-corner object was passing east to west over the entire area. I was driving slowly to see if this was some sort of airplane, but it clearly was not as it was traveling east to west over the area, relatively fast. I then called the non-emergency phone number of the West Allis police department. The department had not received any other calls on the matter and the operator suggested that I call again if I see the UFO again. Unfortunately all law enforcement officers were out on emergent calls and could not be dispatched to confirm my sighting. I watched as long as possible while driving home and it was very clear that this was a sizable UFO that I would compare to being a fifth of the size of a full moon in the sky. The UFO Sighting was low enough to see the 3 corner shape and appeared to be traveling further south as I watched, over a wider area than the State Fair Park area of what is known as the city of West Allis, Wisconsin, known as the Milwaukee postal code area. I am certain of what I witnessed this morning.

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