Saturday, January 5, 2019

Two strange formations of continuous red-orange silent UFOs Brandon MS

My family and I observed two separate formations of red-orange UFOs flying what appeared to be east-northeast tract. The UFO formations exhibited a continuous red-orange color. I'm former military and civilian and military aircraft typically have flashing lights while flying at night.

The first formation were 3 craft that traveled the same east-northeast tract for approximately 5 minutes at different speeds before disappearing in the clouds. The second formation were also 3 UFOs flying the same tract at different speeds and also disappeared in the clouds.

All 6 UFO Sightings did not produce any noise. We originally thought the UFOs were drones; however, drones can not travel that distance without losing signal. These lights were not fireworks as firework lights do not travel that distance and then gain additional altitude after their report. UFO Sighting reported Dec.31,2018 over Brandon MS

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