Monday, September 9, 2019

UFO Sighting Video Leyden CO

I was delivering a passenger for Uber/Lyft. The area was pretty remote, but I was coming out of a small subdivision and was at the intersection of Culebra St and W 82nd Ave in Leyden Colorado (39.8469, -105.213). I noticed a UFO light floating in the air, over the hill in front of me. I observed the UFO light as I was approaching the intersection and stopped there to open my camera and take a recording. The UFO appeared to either be made of light, or to be producing light from one side of itself. It was hard to determine if there was a mass behind the light. I have taken frames from the video and it does appear to have something attached but it is faint/small/hard to make out compared to the light. The UFO floated back and forth, only changing elevation slightly. You can clearly see the light changing directions. Reviewing the frames from the video, the UFO is continuously changing/adjusting. I stopped my recording when I was startled by a vehicle approaching from behind me. I lost visibility shortly after that as I was in the foothills of the Rockies. When observing the video, at 1:27, a shooting star appears from the top left corner. The star flies in and then stops suddenly straight down. Milliseconds later a small white orb can be seen floating off the ground. I was not aware of the shooting star when I recorded the video. UFO Sighting Video Leyden CO 08/31/2019

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