Saturday, June 2, 2018

Triangle UFO Sighting reported 5/30/18 Clarksburg MD

On Wednesday night, I was driving home from the gym with my wife and we saw a bright light in the sky that initially we thought was the moon. it was really far away and very high in the sky. we then saw the UFO coming closer at a fast rate of speed and was rapidly descending. UFO was big and definitely was not a plane. The size, speed, and flight path of the UFO also made it highly unlikely to be a drone. It was big and was really fast. We then realized it was not the moon. UFO had three very bright flashing lights. My wife got out her phone and tried to record it. As she started to record, it disappeared and went dark. A few seconds later, UFO reappeared and that is where our video picks up. It changed flight patterns a few times and then sped off behind us and out of sight. There was a car behind us, so I was unable to turn around and follow it. The UFO lights were very bright and it seemed to hover a few times before it sped off.

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