Saturday, June 16, 2018

UFO Sighting Report Egg Shaped burnished silver no engine noise slow moving Hayden ID.

Didn't note the exact time, but it was no later than 10:00. I was having a morning coffee on the back porch, when I saw this egg shaped object over Hayden Lake. It was not moving very fast. My first thought was some sort of drone craft but it seemed a little too large for a civilian drone. There was no weird feelings from seeing this UFO just normal curiosity. UFO Sighting was not spooky at all. I observe aircraft from my backyard on a daily basis. This UFO Sighting was not flying any faster than some of the two propeller planes that fly over. I was able to observe it for about a minute before it climbed into the clouds. UFO Sighting was Egg Shaped, Burnished Silver and about the size of a pickup truck. I could not hear any engine noise, and tried to spot wings or port and starboard lights without success. I can hear the engines of the planes for quite a distance and this UFO was quiet although it was not very far away nor was it very high, at first. Less than a thousand feet up and perhaps! 4 to 6 blocks away. I am a retired oil refinery operator with ten years Military experience.

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