Sunday, June 3, 2018

Circle Shaped UFO seen less 2 miles from the ground 5/28/18 Louisville KY

Whilst smoking a cigarette a UFO was seen ascending from the ground. First it was assumed to be medical personal or military in origin. UFO materialized from a bright light, and was not at first identified as the object in question. Then the UFO, over the course of several minutes, worked its way over head of the observer/narrator. The UFO was easily 50 feet in length with different color lights on the ends of red blue and green. It was circular except for the north and south ends of the object having a jagged and horizontal edges. UFO stayed straight moving right passed the observer, until it faded into the distance. No upwards movement was observed, and the object quickly faded from view. It did have a noise, and was not silent. However the UFO Sighting did move awkwardly for a B-52/757 style craft.

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