Sunday, June 17, 2018

Two Orange Pyramid Shaped UFO's moving at approx.100 to 150 mph over the West Palm Beach International Airport

Tonight I witnessed 2 orange "pyramid" shaped UFO's moving at approx. 100 to 150 mph over the West Palm Beach International airport area. They were separated by about 1 mile and a half and seemed to be about 30 feet wide front to back and side to side. UFO Sighting were making no sound and were not fighter jets using afterburners. I was in the U.S. military and was in areas to watch fighters in training at bases overseas and they were not fighters.UFOs appeared to resemble a pyramid shape pointing into the sky as they were flying. they were moving in a north north east direction. I saw no beams being used. As I went down the road to see where these UFOs were going they disappeared over the airport without landing at the airport. The UFOs actually were flying directly over president Trumps Golf Course here in Palm Beach and I have seen these same types of UFOs with different shapes flying over the same area before. About 4 years ago I saw seven UFOs flying in a circular pattern over the same golf course moving slower at about 70 or 80 mph. Those UFOs disappeared into a large cloud bank after circling the area for about 40 minutes. In total I have seen about 15 small lighted or orange type unidentified craft flying over or around this area before. This is no joke and is real. I'm sitting right under where I saw them tonight writing this and only feet from the Palm Beach airport. UFO Sighting occurred on 6/03/18

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