Tuesday, April 25, 2017

UFO followed our car for about 9 hours Kankakee IL U.S. Jan 4th 1972

A UFO followed our car starting about 10 pm and was stationary during daylight across the freeway from us for several minutes around 7 am. When we first saw the UFO we assumed it was a star, but we became very interested after a few hours as it continued to follow us as we traveled northward on I-57. About 7 am as I-57 turned eastward it became dawn and the UFO came much closer. I stopped the car and got out. My passenger locked the doors and refused to exit. I recall standing across the highway for perhaps 10 minutes at the most. The UFO was disc shape with a brushed nickel sort of metallic surface. On the horizontal edge were (in single file and evenly spaced) multiple lights of red, orange and yellow. After about 5 - 10 minutes the disc begun to spin extremely quickly and disappeared over the northern horizon. mufon cms# 83335