Friday, April 7, 2017

Two small UFO cylinders in my backyard interacting with a wild deer Pioneer CA

I was in my living room while doing housework. I noticed a pulsating light down the hill, looked then looked again. I saw a pencil-like definitely light-emitting UFO "thing" hovering, then I noticed a second one the same, only it was pulsing slower. It was approximately 10 ft. off the ground. At that point I could see a wild deer looking up at the UFO, then grabbing a mouthful of food, then looking back up at the UFO. No rotor, no feet, no noise, definitely larger than a pencil, but pencil-like. The second UFO was moving around a tree, first one side then the other, almost like it was trying to hide. I did not take a picture because there are a lot of trees and the UFO was small and would not have stood out in any picture I could have taken. It was below me but I knew if I went outside, it would have left when I opened the door and made noise. At first I thought it was something hanging from the tree, but the longer I watched, the more I realized that I was actually looking at a UFO. The main UFO (the one not hiding) pulsated light the entire length, but not the whole thing at once, it was like small lights all along the thing pulsing. Same for the other unit. The deer didn't seem to be bothered much by the item, but it definitely knew it was there as it kept looking at it. I was standing up, so I went to get a chair, then watched for an additional 5 to 7 minutes. My phone rang, I went to answer it, and when I came back, both UFOs were gone. I KNOW what I saw, and even though this might not be a large UFO sighting, I wanted to report it as it was such an odd shape (to me) one I wasn't familiar with. I called my family to tell them what I saw, as we have been familiar with UFO's our entire lifetime. I wondered if these things were 'monitoring' the deer somehow. I'm sure they did not know I was watching. The rate of the pulse of light on the 'main' UFO varied, first fast, then slower, then fast again. 3/25/17 Pioneer California UFO Sighting reported to mufon cms# 82988

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