Monday, April 24, 2017

Feeling Alienated UFO Dissent and Democracy

"Comparatively, no other discourse, be it academic, economic or political, functions with the same democratic freedom that UFO discourse does. Within the UFO subculture, there is no ivory tower. No organization, MUFON included, holds control over the UFO debate. There is no throne that the UFO community bows before, and no institution exists that decides who is a member of the community, and who is not. There are no degrees, no graduate programs, no governing bodies, no accreditation, and no hierarchies that clearly delineate who is an expert within the discourse and who is not."
And that's a good thing. credit Frank Stalter Part 2 - Feeling Alienated; UFOs, Dissent, and Democracy Their is a fundamental contradiction between modern Capitalism and UFO discourse; democracy itself. TERRAOBSCURA.NET 

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