Friday, April 7, 2017

Alien Encounter with Blonder Hair Female human like in my home Corpus Christi TX

Spent 21 years in the military and I am not sure how to address this... But I have experienced the strangest event what I thought at first to be a dream but now realizing I may had an Alien encounter.
Incident occurred April 5th approximately between 2:am and 3:am. I was asleep and the saw a Blond Female human like entity and she was on top of me. The experience felt so real as I can feel her body against my own. However, everything felt like I was in a daze similar to general anesthesia, the point just before the anesthesia takes affect. The daze! I am trying not to freak out but the encounter and my wife think it was just a dream and even after telling my wife more than once she does not believe me. I'm not sure what to do and I may had similar experiences since I was a child. I actually feel embarrassed and this event felt sexual. I could just forget about it but this bothers me a great deal and I have no one I can truly share this with. They probably think I would be crazy. mufon cms# 82993

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