Monday, April 10, 2017

UFO Sighting abrupt angle changing motions & morphing over San Tan Valley Arizona

Want to start off by saying I have never seen this much activity in the sky over San Tan Valley. I've seen a few things I couldn't explain in the past over this horizon. Went in my backyard on April 5th 2017 to feed dogs and I looked up in the sky like I always do. Saw a bright red "star" in distance, which I thought was a plane heading straight at me. It got bigger as it approached then stopped in the sky. It hovered over the San Tan Mountains for a while, then directly under it to the right another white UFO light appeared. Slowly drifted north. Then another similar UFO light appeared and did the same. For a while the three lights formed an Isosceles triangle. The two white UFO lights drifted toward Chandler/Gilbert area and when they got over the populated area started to flicker like that of an airplane. But not constant like a planes lights flashing. The white UFO lights started to flicker a lot and dipped under the horizon out of sight. The red "star" stayed still drifting upward slightly. What I thought was a plane headed towards the red UFO light, then stopped and completely changed directions and drifted upward. Couldn't believe what I saw. The red UFO light then started to fade away but not until a bright white orb appeared under it, pulsated, shifted direction and disappeared. Before the circus ended a smaller red UFO orb drifted up to the red star and almost "kissed" it before changing directions and fading away. Also when all this activity was happening I saw three aircraft in the sky fly by. One flew almost directly over my house. Had a big green light under it and I couldn't tell if it was a plane or a helicopter. Made almost no sound at all. The other two flew directly under an UFO orb but must not have seen it. This UFO sighting left me with an uncontrollable gut wrenching feeling in my stomach. Too much activity for no one else to witness. 

4 Small White Circular UFOs flying around in random patterns over Southern California

I was on my way to my car with a co-worker, when I noticed 4 small white UFOs in the sky. I took my sunglasses off and could not see them without my sunglasses on and actually handed my sunglasses to my co-worker so he could see them. Once he saw them, we watched them circle each other and move around the sky randomly, almost as if they were playing with one another. I noticed that a helicopter was flying nearby and these UFOs were much higher in the sky than an helicopter.

As we watched, we noticed that at one point all of them turned and the sun hit the UFOs creating 4 bright small circular objects in the sky. We continued to watch them for about 4-5 minutes until they flew off into the distance away from the Orange County airport heading south about 20 miles inland from the coast. The way these UFOs were flying, was almost as if they were birds playing in the sky, darting in and out and up and down and circling one another not at all! How commercial planes or helicopters would fly. All 4 UFOs were the same size, they were white and when the sun hit them as they moved it shined a large glare off the UFOs. UFO Sighting occurred 4/6/17 Anaheim CA