Monday, March 13, 2017

Cattle Rancher amazed at Triangle UFO Machine Sighting over Lockwood Montana

I was outside checking our cattle, and, as always, I look into the sky. It seemed so bright out.
I look to the west, and in the sky was a very low flying Triangle UFO machine with white lights throughout the middle and red lights on the sides and top of tingle.. At first, I thought maybe it was a small Cessna or something but continued watching come right above me and there was hardly any sound from it. I know the only airport or strip in this immediate are was north of me about a mile and it's a grass airstrip. Can't land there at night. But it was so quiet and stayed the same height and speed heading east. I watched it dumbfounded until I lost sight and just stood there kind of dazed it seemed.
I cannot believe I didn't get my phone out of my pocket and video this UFO thing but I never even thought of it. I just watched and then snapped out of it and stood there trying to figure out what just happened.. wow…

UFO Triangular Sightings still continue over Phoenix Arizona 3/9/17

Over north Phoenix near Deer Valley airport. Three red UFO lights with then three blue lights hovered in the same spot for 30 seconds, or so. Some flashing of the lights, then the UFO moved on the the north. This strange UFO was still bright & far away, brighter than planes would be. Over the Cave Creek area, it looked to stop and hover again. I called the airport to ask if there was military exercise going on to which they said no. I asked if they saw the UFO lights and the guy said he had no clue. 3/9/17

Perfect Triangular UFO formation above tree line slowly gliding Newton KS.

I saw a Triangular form of UFO lights slowly float forward above the tree line out front of our property. There was no sound. I knew it wasn't an airplane because there was one flying high up leaving a jet trail. This UFO was too low to be an airplane.

The top light was a strobe of red, yellow and 2 white lights, while the bottom 2 lights (made up of 2 lights on each side) made the corners, were just bright white.

The outlined shape of the UFO was hazy because the lights were so bright, so I couldn't tell if they were attached to a shape or if they were just 3 lights in formation.

I ran inside to wake my husband up. By the time he came outside it moved south and the bottom lights would fade in and out. They were still bright all around even when it had turned another direction. I watched it until the lights just faded out and it disappeared completely.

We live in the country just 2 miles outside a small town. credit 3/10/17