Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bright Sphere shaped UFO was floating above a nearby house Dhaka BD.

I was rolling around in my bed trying to sleep. I opened my window to let in some fresh air when I noticed a bright sphere in the sky. First I thought it was a airplane but the sole airport was in the opposite direction and there we no sounds associated with planes or helicopters. I grabbed my glasses off my study table to make sure of what the UFO was, when I glanced at it for a second time it started accelerating upwards at breakneck speed. UFO accelerated for 5 or so seconds before disappearing out of sight completely. I was in complete awe of what I had witnessed and checked the sky again for aircraft, then concluding that no aircraft were present except the mysterious UFO, I had guessed it to be an UFO. I lost sight of the UFO when it was speeding upwards and the sight was blocked by my rain blocker at the top of my window. I re-positioned myself to get a better angle but the UFO was gone by then. mufon cms# 82538

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