Monday, March 13, 2017

UFO Triangular Sightings still continue over Phoenix Arizona 3/9/17

Over north Phoenix near Deer Valley airport. Three red UFO lights with then three blue lights hovered in the same spot for 30 seconds, or so. Some flashing of the lights, then the UFO moved on the the north. This strange UFO was still bright & far away, brighter than planes would be. Over the Cave Creek area, it looked to stop and hover again. I called the airport to ask if there was military exercise going on to which they said no. I asked if they saw the UFO lights and the guy said he had no clue. 3/9/17

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  1. Last Night July 10th-11th 2017 1-2am...UAP/UFO activity in North Phoenix. It lasted 2-3 minutes and all I could see was some fast moving silver lights zipping around in night sky through windows with military grade helicopters as first responders. It was over quick