Saturday, March 25, 2017

UFO gave off a bright flash of light and disappeared Asheville NC

Unidentified object "UFO" spotted driving East on I-26 just south of Asheville, NC. UFO appeared to be moving at the speed of a large low flying plane and was cigar shaped. I was traveling near the Asheville airport, so I thought it was only a low flying plane at a distance of approximately 3 miles; however it seemed rather odd shaped for a plane so I continued to glance up at the UFO while driving. The last time I looked up at the UFO it appeared to take a sharp turn south and gave off a bright silver flash of light and disappeared. It was bright enough that it made me close my eyes for just a split second, then look back only to find the UFO no where in sight. I watched the area that the flash came from for about 30 second, thinking I would see the UFO flying off. The UFO had disappeared. UFO Sighting report Asheville NC 3/23/17

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