Monday, March 13, 2017

Cattle Rancher amazed at Triangle UFO Machine Sighting over Lockwood Montana

I was outside checking our cattle, and, as always, I look into the sky. It seemed so bright out.
I look to the west, and in the sky was a very low flying Triangle UFO machine with white lights throughout the middle and red lights on the sides and top of tingle.. At first, I thought maybe it was a small Cessna or something but continued watching come right above me and there was hardly any sound from it. I know the only airport or strip in this immediate are was north of me about a mile and it's a grass airstrip. Can't land there at night. But it was so quiet and stayed the same height and speed heading east. I watched it dumbfounded until I lost sight and just stood there kind of dazed it seemed.
I cannot believe I didn't get my phone out of my pocket and video this UFO thing but I never even thought of it. I just watched and then snapped out of it and stood there trying to figure out what just happened.. wow…

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