Friday, March 31, 2017

360 Degree UFO Sighting Event LA March 19th 2017 Video

For some reason, they like to keep their distance. They show up like stars in the sky and begin to move away from us or get lost in the clouds. On this day, some got lost in the cirrus clouds. Join us at our UFO Sight Event in Los Angeles. LA UFO Channel's UFO Sighting Event with your host, Fausto Perez. We request their presence and they come to our location. This event was held at Hollydale Park in South Gate, CA 3/19/17. A telescope was used to capture these amazing object up close and personal. Come join us at our next event. Please Join LA UFO Channel on Meet We are using the 360 Fly camera to capture the UFO Sighting Event footage. This is for those who could not make our event. This is a time when we all get together and do field research together and talk about our latest UFO experiences. We saw about 25 UFOs this day. It's always action and adventure.

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