Saturday, March 11, 2017

UFO Whistle Blower about to 'lift lid on 1000s of UFO files' is GENUINE says ex-MoD man

"Nick Pope, who was charged by the MoD with investigating baffling UK UFO Sightings cases, including the Rendlesham incident, said: "I've actually had some personal communication with this individual, and have no doubts about his background. It's clear from the language he uses and the information he has that he's a genuine insider." credit Frank Stalter. A FORMER US Naval officer who claims his secrecy agreement with the American Government has expired is vowing to lift the lid on thousands of top-secret UFO..EXPRESS.CO.UK  Whistleblower about to 'lift lid on 1000s of UFO files' is GENUINE, says ex-MoD man