Sunday, January 17, 2016

UFO Sighting 1-16-16 South Huntington New York Report

UFO Signs:

I was driving home west bound on West Hills Road,in South Huntington, New York, and I stopped at a stop sign, and ahead of me to my left in the 10:00 o'clock position was a triangular shaped UFO craft with three bright white lights, heading west. The UFO continued to move forward at a steady pace, but not fast, about 500 feet ahead of me, and as I continued forward, it continued forward, until the road turned north, and I couldn't see the UFO object any longer. I kept looking to my left to see if the craft turned north, but I didn't see anything. The UFO craft was black and had smooth corners, with two lights on the bottom and one on the top. The white lights were extremely bright, but did not pulse. It was about 20-30 feet across, and 15-20 feet tall. I wondered if it was an aircraft, but there were no flashing red or blue lights, or wings. It was flying too low to be a plane, and I've never seen any planes fly in that east-to-west pattern over West Hills Road. The flight patterns to Republic Airport(which is fairly close by) are north-to-south, and I see the small planes or small jets fly by my house in a north-to-south pattern on a regular basis. The UFO craft was flying just west of Route 110, which is one of the most very heavily trafficked north-to-south routes on Long Island. Even though it was a Saturday night 1-16-16, I noticed that there was a lot of traffic on Route 110. I don't know if the craft flew over Route 110, or if anyone else noticed it. There was no one else on West Hills Road in either direction except myself. The craft was also was flying to the vicinity of Jayne's Hill, which is the highest peak on Long Island, and it is also in West Hills Park, which is a large, heavily wooded area. I wondered if I had really seen the craft, since I don't have any point of reference in my life to compare the sighting to. I am totally amazed at what I saw, and won't forget it.                         MUFON CMS# 73940