Friday, January 15, 2016

UFO Encounter over Poland Cornfield 2015 Video

UFO Signs:

When a man cycling passing through corn field at night (Sept 4th, 2015), he encountered six UFO balls of light above the corn field over Krakow, Poland. Then he try to investigate them, but one of the UFOs came forward and tryed to deter a cyclists to protect the other UFOs. But eventually all of the UFOs finally fly away and disappear. Are they going to make crop circles, but unnoticed by cyclists? During this UFO Video you can hear like the humming sound from the propellers as drones. But this is not like any drones. They are not military drones, but they kinda Robotic Drones belonging to intelligent being like E.T. Questions are they Intelligent Robotic Drones owned by advanced technology like Alien E.T ?

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