Saturday, January 23, 2016

UFO Drone like Machine Insect Shape 1/21/16

UFO Signs:

Not gonna give exact location of this UFO Sighting but it was in Missouri. Driving home in rural area and caught movement behind trees. Thought was deer running but closely focused and realized it was purposely staying low and in shadows moving extremely precise and about 3 ft off ground. Slowed and looked and seen very dark machine approx 6 to 8 ft long resembling flying insect. Round front body and long tail which protruded up like for balance. Scared the s**t out of me as no noise and seemed to be following me. First thought was government drone but never seen one this big and moved any way it wanted. Seemed to glide a couple feet above round but was moving at least 55 mph. No lights on it but I saw it clearly for a couple minutes and it seemed to be trying to not be seen as it stayed behind trees and in shadows. Followed for a couple miles that I know of. MUFON CMS #74035

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