Monday, January 25, 2016

UFO Sighting Reported on 1/22/16 Parkville MO US

On 1/22/16 @ approx. 7:10p I stepped out of my front door. As I was turning to close the door I quickly caught a glimpse of a beautiful red/blue light just above a tree line to my right. My first thought was that it was someones Christmas lights. As I was walking down the walk from my front door to my car on my way to take trash the dumpster, my thoughts were to hurry down the walk to get a better look, when I immediately saw that it was not Christmas lights,but was instead a large red ball with a purple/blue outer circle around it. I then thought it must be an airplane, and thought that soon I would see various colored lights..i.e blinking white lights, but I never did. I stood there admiring how beautiful the colors were when the UFO started moving, first to my right, then stopped, then moved to my left, then abruptly to my right again, just as I said on my God, that's a UFO, it appeared to get larger/and or looked as if it was coming in my direction. I kept thinking and saying I don't believe's an actual UFO. My thoughts were I got have my daughter come out and see this, as I have witness other objects in the sky before, and she was disappointed that I hadn't came and got her. I felt it important to keep my eye on the UFO so that I could see where it went. My daughter did not make outside in time, however, I saw the UFO ascend fairly quickly, approx 800 ft, and then descend very slowly/softly down below the tree tops/ trees towards the ground. My thoughts were, the UFO appeared to be dancing in the sky. MUFON CMS # 74062

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