Monday, January 25, 2016

Latest UFO Sightings reported 1/19/16 Granada Hills CA

UFO Sightings Witness states that I stepped out of my house into the backyard to have a cigarette I looked to the right (which is east) and I saw an UFO object white in color yet reflective appearing to float along, the reason why I say float is because it did not waver, shutter and had no noise the strangest thing I ever saw, the day was so clear, sunny , no wind as soon as I sighted the UFO I knew it was not man made, no windows, no markings no wings and was floating lower than the personal planes that come in on the flight path over head, I live near the flight path to Van Nuys Airport. I tried to take a picture with my cell phone but nothing came of it, it would have been great too because there was a personal jet that was coming in a few feet of the UFO. The UFO looked like an over sized transformer, the kind that you see on telephone poles, although it seemed to have a "cinch" in the middle. If I didn't look to the east as I was entering the back yard I probably would never have know it was there. The UFO was floating from the east to the north west, as soon as I saw the object I was dumb founded, I couldn't understand what it might be, I also was mesmerized (because I didn't know what it was) I guess also I was waiting for something fun or entertaining to happen like the object shooting straight up into the sky, but nothing like that, just boldly floating along as if it is something that happens everyday. As if to say Yes I'm here, you caught me , I'm just going to go about my business anyway. The UFO just kept on a path I guess to where ever it needed to go....stopped watching after it became a tiny spot in the distance. The reason for my post is that I wish someone from the airport would come forth with hopefully pictures, video, radar... if someone was looking out the window of the private jet they would have seen the same thing , the day was crystal clear, I personally didn't and don't want to approach anyone with what I saw because I don't want to be labeled a loonie. Funny, to this day I wish Google earth would have an option of inputting date and time for map look up. (really want to see it again). Oh ya, the UFO was cylindrical yet floating vertically, not horizontal. MUFON CS #74078

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