Friday, January 15, 2016

Amazing Recent UFO Video Footage 2016

UFO Signs:

Here we have amazing UFO Video footage taken by citizens from around the world Canada, Austria, New York City,Cape Canaveral Fla,Hartshorne Ok, and more sightings

UFO Encounter over Poland Cornfield 2015 Video

UFO Signs:

When a man cycling passing through corn field at night (Sept 4th, 2015), he encountered six UFO balls of light above the corn field over Krakow, Poland. Then he try to investigate them, but one of the UFOs came forward and tryed to deter a cyclists to protect the other UFOs. But eventually all of the UFOs finally fly away and disappear. Are they going to make crop circles, but unnoticed by cyclists? During this UFO Video you can hear like the humming sound from the propellers as drones. But this is not like any drones. They are not military drones, but they kinda Robotic Drones belonging to intelligent being like E.T. Questions are they Intelligent Robotic Drones owned by advanced technology like Alien E.T ?

UFO Reported 1-6-16 Hastings Ontario Canada

UFO Signs:
Was standing at my back door on the deck having a quick smoke before movie stated at midnight. I live in the country with only farms around me. I heard the clock strike midnight and when I went to put my cigarette out I noticed a weird light and looked up.

Almost directly above the house a huge circular "UFO" object was moving from front of house to back of house in straight line. It was so close it felt like I could almost touch it. It had lights around the bottom edge and they were blinking or pulsating in sequence. That is when I noticed there was absolutely no sound coming from this "UFO" object whatsoever. It moved slowly but almost seemed more like it was floating. I knew from living near an airport that for an "UFO"object this size (200 ft around minimum) it was impossible not to make any sound at all and that is when a fair bit of fear started to come over me.

I have a big willow tree behind the deck, but because it was winter I could see it as it moved directly over the house heading north, then over the back field and beyond the trees.

The guy living with me at the time was sitting on the couch waiting for movie to start and I motioned for him to come over and hurry as there was something outside. but I was also trying to be quiet as I was scared, so he didn't seem overly interested. However, when I became more insistent and said there was a UFO he finally came to back door and looked. I believe he saw it just as it went over the tree line (only for maybe 20 or 30 seconds)

I never reported this as didn't have a desire to be labeled a weirdo. I live not to far from an Air force base, so thought perhaps it was perhaps a secret aircraft or something. I did search the web for pictures of spy drones, experimental planes etc. but found nothing that resembled it.
UFO Sightings occurred on Jan 6th 2016 Hastings Ontario Canada MUFON CMS# 73885