Sunday, January 10, 2016

UFO Sightings Nov 2013 Picture Rocks Arizona Video

UFO Signs:

UFO Eyewitness states: It was a Friday night. Heading from Marana to picture rocks when the UFO object caught my eye. It was very very big triangle shape. Across the road there was 2 other vehicles that stopped and got out of there vehicle to watch what was in the sky. At first I thought maybe it was military until I sighted it change shapes and colors. It went straight up and down to sideways. It went very very dim and slowly started moving. To slow for a plane and or helicopter. Then it got very very very bright and huge in shape. Like a triangle shape..boomerang shape..I have a video of it.but I captured the red and white rapid lights and is jumping around quickly. After I stopped filming is when my brother in law and my fiance seen it change brother in law took a picture ..straight up in the sky and captured a orange orb.i have a video but in my video you can see the object lights and how fast and slow patters it makes.but can see the shape as good as I seen it with my eyes. The video shows rapid movement and light patterns I was standing still and you can see the UFO object moving crazy like. Sorry for the cuss words I was in shock..but what I describe happend after I filmed. But the rest of what I described is on the UFO video.

UFO Signs over Clinton Township Michigan 1-6-16

UFO Signs:

Eyewitness states: Pulsating UFO object with row of lights that would fade then re-appear. The first UFO Sign occurred on 1/6/16. I live on the top floor of an apartment. While watching TV in the living room, I saw a light outside of my balcony around 2000/2030. Thinking it was a helicopter or plane, I ignored it. The light appeared to be getting brighter and changing in characteristic. I got up and observed two bright white UFO objects with red lights. The second UFO object disappeared and there was only one UFO. The UFO was hovering but was making small adjustments in its position. It was not completely stationary. It would stay illuminated for several minutes then it would fade away. After several more moments, the UFO Sign would re-appear. This occurred for roughly 2 hours staying in the relatively same position. Around 2200, a helicopter flew from the East to South in the direction of the object which then disappeared for the rest of the night (at least until midnight). There is a military base East of my location. I am not familiar with the differences between a military or civilian helicopter so I am not sure if it was from the military base.

On 1/7/16, the UFO again appeared in the same position as the night before. The time it was sighted was from 2000 - 2130. You can see planes, stars, and helicopters in the area which all look different from the object. The object was brighter on 1/7 but may have been closer in proximity. The UFO object was spherical in nature and you could see a clear row of lights that had both red and white lights. The UFO again would be illuminated for several moments then fade away completely. No helicopters were observed flying toward the object this evening. Credits: MUFON