Sunday, June 29, 2014

New York Disk Sighting

New York Disc

Plattsburgh -- I had just stepped out the house to have a smoke and noticed the bright object followed by a jet aircraft on June 19, 2014, whose elevation was unknown. I ran back into the house and grabbed my camera to see if I could get a photo.
Both the craft and the aircraft continued in a straight line to the SE. Feelings? Curious but I lost both behind the trees in the back yard. With the two photos’ I hope you can either tell me it was a normal aircraft, or another UFO.
Thanks to MUFON CMS


Angels and Demons Besides You

Angles and Demons beside You

Humans and Other Beings Chapter Four:


Joshua P. Warren writes, With the model I have given you, of a ladder of enlightenment with humans in the middle, let’s now look even deeper at what a human actually is. Suppose I showed you a computer screen displaying a tree, and asked “What do you see?” You might be tempted to tell me you see a tree. However, we both know there is not actually a tree there. All you are looking at is a pattern of information, organized on a machine, projecting photons of light, at various frequencies, at your eyes, perceived as arranged colors. The tree merely exists in your mind. Now I could hit the “print” button and produce a physical representation of this tree, but the tree itself still only exists in your mind. Humans are like this tree. We are patterns of information communicating with each other. If you crack open a skull and cut open a brain looking for the source of the human, you won’t find much. Those parts are simply the machines, like the computer, that delivers the stream of information that is actually you.
This is why you cannot die. Just as we can rip up the paper printout of the tree, your body can and will change and disintegrate, but the information that is you is there, and in fact, will always be there. In the book “Look Homeward, Angel,” one of my favorite authors, Thomas Wolfe, is reflecting on the death of his beloved brother, Ben. He wrote, “We can believe in the nothingness of life, we can believe in the nothingness of death and of life after death—but who can believe in the nothingness of Ben?”Your human identity is at the crux of these issues regarding life, death, and the cosmos. You have been, and will be, in various forms. Note: Jesus warns to fear the one who has the power to “destroy both soul and body in Hell.” Mathew 10-28
But if we have ourselves, and angels and demons, who are all these other characters, like aliens? Firstly, it’s important to consider that the so-called ancient book of worldwide, multi-cultural “imaginary creatures” is never-ending. It’s impossible to address all the sprites and brownies and “you-name-its” that may or may not exist in true form.


The alien phenomenon is too pronounced to ignore, and one we should mention since many have wondered about the connection between aliens, angels and demons. Essentially, aliens fit very nicely into this worldview. Obviously, just as the earthly realm of physical organisms is an explosion of extremely different types of life forms branching in all directions, we can expect the same to have happened on the spiritual (i.e. primarily non-physical realms).So take a guess where most beings people call “aliens “are. Do you think they’re more toward the angelic side, or the demonic? Due to stories about abductions and mutilations, many might think typical aliens, zipping around in flying saucers, are more demonic. However, they are actually on the angelic side, more evolved than humans. We know this because they use technologies that are superior to ours. Even though their craft may look physical, there is plenty of evidence to suggest the craft are actually made of a conscious-sensitive material that is often saucer-like, in its most aerodynamic form, when flying in the earth’s atmosphere, but is capable of morphing into different shapes depending on its environment. Yet, please bear in mind, just because these beings are more advanced than humans on the angelic side that does not mean they are more angelic. Some of them may be, but others have probably begun a downward slide, on a separate branch, lowering back toward the selfish demonic energies.
The most advanced, angelic beings have no need of human-like technology. They have reached such a state of enlightenment, that their consciousness and imagination is not hampered by our perceived limitations. They are able to travel wherever they need, and appear in whatever form, driven by pure intention alone. This is the freedom afforded by harmony with the universe. Altogether, it is important for you to consider the popular alien phenomenon, since it’s a good example of just how complex the subject of spiritual evolution can become, especially regarding beings that skirt in and out of the boundaries we consider physical and non-physical. This subject has spun off thousands of books, and a whole lineup of weird characters that may, or may not exist, depending on the glimpse you may or may not get. Always remember, most of the fish in the oceans have no idea that humans exist. Statistically, a human-fish encounter is a rare thing, indeed. Angles & Demons Beside You / Joshua P. Warren5


Russia Alien Humaniod Sighting Report

Russia Humanoid Sighting Report

Aktash, Altay region, West Siberia – Albert Rosales writes, “Many of the witnesses to high-strangeness reports in 1989; in the former Soviet Union were military personnel.”
Major I. A. Samoilenko a soldier of the local frontier guard detachment had disappeared from his night watch. The military immediately organized a search, but it brought no results. But three days later the missing frontier guard was found 5 kilometers from the mountainous settlement of Aktash. The soldier was very frightened, physically exhausted and could not explain what had occurred. After a long rehabilitation period and therapy on him conducted by officers of a special military KGB detachment, the frontier guard remembered that during his night watch a bright flash of light had blinded him and after that he had lost consciousness.
When he returned to his senses, he found himself in a strange room with walls that emitted an even bluish light with no visible source. Suddenly a female voice greeted him and warned him that he would be taken on a long journey. If he were selected for that honorable mission he would be helping a distant civilization very similar to humans in many aspects and located in the Gemini constellation. After that was said, the soldier lost consciousness again. He vaguely remember that next he saw several humanoid figures “without faces” leaning over him and examining his body. He was then exposed to attacks of sudden unbearable pain during this “medical examination.” After that he fell into a state of powerful euphoria and bliss. After examination at a local military hospital a commission found him mentally unstable or insane. And one and a half month later he died of a fulminating illness similar to exposure to high doses of radiation. Thanks to John Hayes


Lies NASA Told

Information that was removed from Books & Hieroglyphics concerning what happened in Babylon , "Religion", and altered terms. All of which ties together with what NASA has hidden in their archives.

Some of the Footage from NASA, hidden in their archives. Images of planets being destroyed by a War in Space. The last, on March 19th, was Jupiter. This footage concerns the imminent destruction of the NWO & mankinds freedom."

original video mirrored from YellowRoseforTexas channel

UFO News 2014 ORBS Over Germany

UFO News 2014 Orbs are caught on video in large groups maneuvering in a strange behavior in and around clouds over Germany on June 26 2014. Are these bugs or dust particles  or intelligent controlled objects?

Best UFO Sightings 2014 Compilation Video

UFO Signs:New UFO Sightings 2014  Best UFO video compilation, LookNowTV presents a collection of original UFO videos that were featured on, youtube/LookNowTV, in the Spring Season March thru June 2014. In addition also featuring NEW Spring, 2014 UFO sightings that were never released anywhere before in this UFO video. This UFO video features remarkable UFO Sightings from Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Atlantic City, New Jersey to mention a few. Also in this UFO Video  included exclusive videos from various places throughout the world.