Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DJINN The Alien Situation We Face Today

New York UFO: DJINN the Alien Situation we face today: the following video description reads as follows: Update to the Bases Educational Supplement The Vengeful Djinn, this time the ET situation we face today is explained as Terrestrial DJINN. This includes the take over of broadcast and other mind related mass propagation systems. Shot at the IUFOC 2013, in Fort McDowell in HDV. By Rosemary Ellen Guiley. The connection with music, and the manipulation of sound programming and the Djinn is explained. The use of the DJINN by the BBC in Manchester is alluded to, whether its actual is another issue. "Jim'll Fix It" How a "wind Musical instrument" can be used to enslave a DJINN, for nefarious control purposes, specifically in the BBC question..The focus on a Terrestrial multi-dimensional solution to the ET situation is examined.

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